Sony DADC User Rights Management Solution

Sony DADC User Rights Management Solution

Sony Digital Audio Disc Corporation (Sony DADC) is the world’s leading manufacturer of media to distribute digital content, in the form of DVDs, compact discs, and Blu-Ray discs. Sony DADC now introduces a Digital Rights Management technology called User Rights Management Solution (URMS).

Sony DADC URMS technology is designed to protect electronic content, such as eBooks, from unauthorized distribution. If your firm has created online content to sell, or paid for work from authors to distribute, you want to make sure that your firm and your clients are paid for the content you create and offer online. You don’t want hackers getting around your copyright protections, or see customers buying your content and then figuring out how to share it, for free, with their friends.

URMS is a simple API-based user and digital content management solution that supports pay per download or subscription services. It is designed for educational institutions, businesses, libraries, and eBook retail outlets.

You can use URMS to share, lend, and buy eBooks, give books to others, and create a bookshelf with titles to share with others. You can also use URMS to control access to eBook content, though URMS is a flexible service. You can do more than simply renew or revoke licenses for eBooks for users. The service offers a wide range of choices for managing content.

A few examples:

  1. Create a license for an electronic textbook so that a class of 30 students can access that title for four months, until the class ends.
  2. Lend an eBook you purchased using URMS to a friend. The friend will be able to read the eBook but the person who purchased will not, until the book is returned.
  3. Set up an eBook so that a group of friends can all read the first chapter, but only the person who purchased the title can read the rest. The other chapters are locked.
  4. Offer a collection of eBooks that share a single-user lending license and a single expiration date. You can change this expiration date as needed, and you can add books to or remove books from this collection. This arrangement would allow you to offer the titles in a collection as a temporary holiday promotion. Or you could create a collection of books by a single established author as a backlist promotion when that author has a new title about to be released.

Datalogics is pleased to offer Sony DADC User Rights Management Solution to our eBook customers.

Datalogics also offers an eBook reader app called Bookvia, allowing your end users to read EPUB and PDF files on their Android and iOS mobile devices. Bookvia is built to provide Digital Rights Management protection to digital content, and to work specifically with the Sony DADC User Rights Management Solution (URMS). This eReader app also supports online bookstores that use the Digital Rights Management (DRM) service provided by Adobe Systems, Inc., known as Adobe Content Server (ACS). Datalogics offers licensing options for custom branding for your Bookvia eReader.

To learn more visit our Bookvia product page.

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