Adobe® PDF Library

Working with the Adobe PDF Library

Building and Running Sample Jobs for Windows and UNIX

The Adobe PDF Library provides a set of sample programs in C++, Java, and C# (Microsoft .NET) to illustrate various tasks. Each sample is stored within its own subdirectory under the product folder on Windows platforms.

You can use the makefile.W32 utility included with each sample to build the job via the NMAKE command, or, in Windows, you can build applications via the supported development software for the Windows platforms, Microsoft Visual Studio.

Building in Windows via Visual Studio

You can quickly open the project files for all sample applications at once by locating the /All subfolders under Adobe PDF Library:

Building in Linux via nmake

To compile and link a selected sample, from the command line change to the subdirectory where the sample program is found and issue the command:
nmake /f makefile.W32
This will compile and link the sample in a new Release subdirectory under the current sample location.

In order to execute the sample program from the current directory, specify the path to the executable, or drop down into the Release subdirectory to run it.

Some samples include referenced files that are located in the data directory. These samples need to be run from the original sample directory with the release path included with the executable:
For example, in order to run the APDFL addart sample job you must type:
This is found in the directory
The program expects the data files to be in a location relative to the sample source directory, not relative to the Release directory.