Common Library Objects

Object Description
Document This object creates or reads a document as input and writes either PDF (which may be read again) or PostScript (which may not be re-read) as output.
Page This term denotes a single side of a single sheet of media. Among its properties, a page may be moved from one document to another or re-sequenced within a document, and annotations may be added or removed.
Container  Provides structural grouping
Graphical Variety of objects which make a mark on the page, such as Text, Lines, Backgrounds and Pictures
Path Mechanism for creating arbitrary line drawings with PDF
Image Renders graphics for PDF
Form An arbitrarily complex collection of other graphic operators which may be positioned and scaled freely
Bookmark A collection of bookmark operators acts like a Table of Contents with live links in electronic display
Thread Within a document, collects non-contiguous elements into a stream
Font Describes a specific font and encoding needed to image text
Thumbnail A low-resolution bitmap of a page used to identify the contents of a page