Adobe PDF Library

Suggested Workflows for the Java and .NET Interface

The Adobe PDF Library (APDFL) is an Application Programming Interface (API) designed to allow programmers to work with the Adobe PDF file format.  The APDFL Software Development Kit (SDK) provides a method for software developers and vendors to build their own third-party systems that allow them to create, change, process, review, and otherwise work with PDF files.  The tools in the library are based on the Adobe Acrobat software but will run independently, so that a copy of Adobe Acrobat does not need to be installed.

Datalogics has also provided a set of interfaces to the Adobe PDF Library, one for Java programming and another using Microsoft .NET. These interfaces offer a set of modules for the APDFL that allow programmers working in Java, or C# or other languages supported by Microsoft .NET to take advantage of the APDFL tools and resources. The Java and .NET Interfaces encapsulate the original Adobe PDF Library; in both you can work with the original core library functions directly, and seamlessly, in Java or .NET.

Some scenarios for building programs in Java and .NET

You are a programmer, working for a firm that needs to create, manage, and work with PDF files.  You need to add code to one of your internal applications or to a product that you plan to resell that will generate a set of PDF output files, or that draws data from a set of PDF files.

We offer in this section some scenarios that describe ways to use the Java and .NET programming interfaces to the Adobe PDF Library.