Adobe® PDF Library

.NET Core Overview

Datalogics provides a .NET Core interface with the Adobe PDF Library 18 (64 bit only). The original .NET Interface provided with the Library is available for Windows applications, but the .NET Core framework supports native .NET Core development on Linux and Mac platforms as well. .NET Core makes cross platform development possible.

Microsoft offers the .NET Core as the successor to .NET, and as the next generation development platform for .NET. You may be already using the existing .NET Interface with the Adobe PDF Library to develop applications using the C# language. In that event your transition to .NET Core should be easy. The same APIs built for using .NET with the Adobe PDF Library are also used for the .NET Core.  You can use the  C# samples to learn how to use the interface.

.NET Core uses the same licensing as the rest of the Adobe PDF Library.  Datalogics offers an evaluation version of the Library for Windows and Linux. No evaluation or test version of the Adobe PDF Library is available for macOS platforms.

Note: To evaluate a version of the Adobe PDF Library for macOS, or to evaluate any version of the product on a machine without access to the Internet, please contact your Datalogics Support representative.