Adobe® PDF Library

Release Notes, Adobe PDF Library v 10

This page lists updates, fixes, changes and enhancements made to the Adobe PDF Library version 10 provided by Datalogics.

We also provide the release notes with the Adobe PDF Library software installation package.

APDFL v10.1.0PlusP6s (6/18/2020)

Problem Corrections

  • SF#43065 – Corrects an issue in which a memory leak could occur when sequentially splitting PDF files of different names using the PDDocInsertPages API.
  • SF#43299 – Corrects an issue that could occur when rendering pages consisting of very thin strip images.

APDFL v10.1.0PlusP6r (5/14/2020)


  • SF#42792 – Extends PDDocReplaceOCG API to DLE in order to consolidate OCGs with same name.

Problem Corrections:

  • SF#43076 – Allows processing to continue when a reference Pattern dictionary on the page cannot be found when the AllowRelaxedSyntax flag is set.
  • SF#43200 – Corrects an issue that could occur when rendering TrueType fonts with a POST table version of 3.

APDFL v10.1.0PlusP6p (1/15/2020)

  • Adds a new flag PDInsertDoNotRemovePageInheritance to improve performance when page insertion is complete.
  • Corrects an issue in which text was dropped from a problematic page during PDF/A conversion. The process should have fallen back to page rasterization when enabled.
  • Corrects an issue in which a JPG on the page of a PDF would fail to render because of a DHT marker that was found to be empty.

APDFL v10.1.0PlusP6n (9/10/2019)

  • Enhances the rendering of a PDF page to include an Annotation using transparency.
  • Corrects an issue with the DocToImages sample.
  • Corrects a performance regression for PDDocCreatePage().
  • Corrects an issue in which Text was emitted when CharacterSpacing was specified.
  • Corrects an issue in which inserting pages from one document to another would not persist the /E and /Lang entries of a structure element dictionary.

APDFL v10.1.0PlusP6m (5/16/2019)

  • Corrects an issue in which rendering could hang when encountering a DCTDecode stream with no data.
  • This adds support for rendering very large image sizes using the PDPageDrawToMemoryWithParams() method.
  • Corrects an issue Flattening a document that utilizes inherited page resources.
  • Corrects an issue in which rendering of page content was incomplete after encountering a problematic DCTDecode image.
  • Corrects an issue in which fonts glyphs on the page could become mistranslated after Flattening.

APDFL v10.1.0PlusP6k (3/15/2019)

  • Adds support to the AllowRelaxedSyntax flag to allow opening of a document with a bad entry in a cross reference stream.

APDFL v10.1.0PlusP6h (2/7/2019)

  • Added support to the AllowRelaxedSyntax flag to continue processing when acquiring Page Content when a problematic Image /Decode array is encountered.
  • Corrected an issue that could occur decoding a Progressive JPG on the page of a document.

APDFL v10.1.0PlusP6g (1/16/2019)

  • Corrected an issue when merging PDFs by ignoring incorrect /StructParent elements.

APDFL v10.1.0PlusP6f (9/21/2018)

  • Corrected an issue rendering Separations for colorants where those specified in Annotations would be ignored.
  • Corrected logic that sorts diacritical values and base characters in the Arabic case.

APDFL v10.1.0PlusP6e (4/4/2018)

  • Corrected an issue resulting in a problematic content stream that could occur when updating a page's content.

APDFL v10.1.0PlusP6d (3/13/2018)

  • Updated DLI to allow for handling of a page with no /Resources directory.
  • Corrected a performance issue when converting a document to PDF/A that contained many annotations.
  • Corrected an issue in which memory running out in 32-bit for an image being saved to disk would prevent the created file from being released.
  • Corrected an issue in which InsertPages() could have non-deterministic results when processing Widget Fields.

APDFL v10.1.0PlusP6c (2/6/2018)

  • Corrected the code which creates the Separation Color Space function
  • Open source graphics libraries (libjpeg, libtiff, PNGLib, ZLib) updated to latest versions in APDFL, DLI, and Java/.NET interfaces to address security concerns

APDFL v10.1.0PlusP6b (11/14/2017)

  • Corrected a problem in which PDPrintParams transparencyQuality of other than zero or 100 caused rotated page contents to shift during the conversion of a PDF file to Postscript.
  • Corrected a problem in which rendering a page with a problematic JPG would cause an exception during decoding, which has been relaxed to allow processing to proceed without raising an error.

APDFL10.1.0PlusP6a (9/7/2017)

  • Corrected a problem in which flattening a document could change the encoding of a symbolic font..
  • Corrected a problem in which flattening a document could erroneously change the Encoding of a Non-Symbolic TrueType font..
  • Corrected a problem in which rendering a page would fail because of a problematic JPEG image.
  • Corrected a problem in which an Access Violation could occur when a font with an invalid /Encoding entry was found.
  • Corrected a problem in which a hang could occur when acquiring the page of a document where it's /Parent was itself.

APDFL10.1.0PlusP5x (5/10/2017)

  • For APDFL applications written in C++, this makes use of try/catch in place of longjmp, to implement DURING/HANDLER. Applications written in “C” remain unchanged.
  • Corrected a problem where getting an annotation color could raise an error during the drawing of a page. Also released in APDFL v15.0.4PlusP2b.
  • Corrected a problem in which the byteIdx in the interface to PDWordGetCharPoint() was being misinterpreted as a character offset rather than a byte offset.

APDFL10.1.0PlusP5w (3/29/2017)

  • Corrected a problem with noncompliant XMP ModifyDate entries being created occasionally.

APDFL10.1.0PlusP5u (3/2/2017)

  • Reverted an internal change that was responsible for creation of an invalid content stream with regard to a text block.
  • Corrected a problem preserving relative layouts for two or more graphic elements when applying any combination of transformations.
  • Reverted an internal change to PDRenderObjectToMemoryWithParamsEx() that was responsible for introducing artifacts when rendering certain fonts.
  • Corrected a leak when internally finding system fonts.
  • Updated the logic introduced by #39240 to improve performance when precise bounding boxes are not required.
  • Corrected a fault when attempting to save a monochrome image with the HalftoneGrayImages set.
  • Corrected a problem with noncompliant XMP CreateDate entries being created occasionally.

APDFL10.1.0PlusP5t (1/13/2017)

  • Corrected a problem with PDDocInsertPages(). Structural tags in the output no longer pointed to existing pages.
  • Corrected a problem with embedding TrueType fonts for PDF/A conversion.

APDFL10.1.0PlustP5s (12/28/2016)

  • Corrected a problem where colors were not rendering correctly.
  • Corrected a problem with missing letters after font embedding.
  • Corrected a problem where the PDEFontGetAttrs function was returning incorrect values.
  • Corrected a problem converting pictures from PDF to JPG with the DocToImages sample in DLE Java.
  • Corrected a problem where a black artifact was rendering over an embedded image.
  • Corrected a problem with the PDF/A converter, in that it had an incorrect decode array when creating Image Stencil Masks.
  • Corrected a problem where the PDWordGetCharPoint function was returning incorrect location results of rotated text.
  • Corrected an intermittent AccessViolationException with Flattener.
  • Corrected an unexpected exception on multiple threads in DLE.
  • Corrected a segmentation fault with the FlattenTransparency sample.
  • Restored desired behavior with a smoothing effect.

APDFL10.1.0PlustP5r (12/6/2016)

  • Corrected a problem where the PDF/A conversion process incorrectly managed ImageMasks.
  • Corrected a problem in which unexpected black rectangles were rendered over the PDF.

APDFL10.1.0PlustP5p (11/22/2016)

  • Corrected a problem causing excessive file size increases when a document containing Structured PDF tags was copied to a new file page-by-page.
  • Corrected a crash with merged TrueType fonts during saving with PDSaveLinearized.
  • Corrected a problem with PNG encoder that incorrectly combined image data with soft mask.
  • Corrected a problem in which PDDocInsertPages was crashing with a specific PDF file.
  • Corrected a problem in which the Alternate FileSystem's (ASFileSysRec) DisposePathName callback would not always fire on Windows 64-bit.
  • Corrected memory leaks for DLE10.1 Java.
  • Corrected a problem with PDF/A conversion incorrectly processing ImageMasks.
  • Corrected a problem in which conversion to PDF/A substantially increased the file size.
  • Corrected a problem in which loading an improperly encoded PNG into the Image class would trigger an early exit, which was relaxed to permit decoding.
  • Corrected a problem in which save/restore state operators were not being preserved during element decomposing, leading to distorted text.
  • Corrected a problem in which certain graphic objects were not being rendered.
  • Corrected a problem in which PDDocSetNewCryptHandler resulted in corrupted PDFs.

New Features

  • Added two PDFAConverter parameters to DLE ("noValidationErrors" and "rasterizationResolution") that were previously introduced in APDFL.

APDFL10.1.0PlustP5n (10/27/2016)

  • Corrected a problem where the text bounding box values had changed.
  • Corrected memory leaks for DLE 10.1.

APDFL10.1.0PlusP5m (10/19/2016)

  • Corrected a problem where the page footer was not appearing.
  • Allows the customer to set a Flattener parameter (maxPageFlatteningTime) to control the duration spent attempting to vectorize a page before reaching a cutoff point and automatically rasterizing.  This parameter can be used to reduce Flattener time at possible expense of ending up with a rasterized instead of vectorized document.
  • Corrected a problem with PDWordFinderAcquireWordList that crashed with rotated pages.

APDFL10.1.0PlusP5k (10/18/2016)

  • Corrected an APDFL internal PDEContent memory leak that occurred when the content parser encountered an error.
  • Corrected glyph width calculations which could result in PDF file rendering discrepancies.
  • Corrected a rendering issue in PDFs containing problematic JBIG2 images.

New Features

  • A new Boolean option was added to the word finder config record, "preciseQuad".  It is off by default.  When it is off, word finder will behave as it always has. When it is on, the bounding boxes and quads returned from the PDWord interfaces will reflect the actual outline of each glyph, rather than the height and depth, and frequently width, of the font bounding box.
  • Add 'kPDPrintUseCropBox' interface support to DLE.

APDFL10.1.0PlusP5j (10/3/2016)

  • Corrected a problem with PDPageDrawContentsToMemory not respecting UserUnit if updateRect is used.
  • Corrected a problem with the processing of certain PDF files that resulted in an Access Violation and the file not being displayed.
  • Corrected problems with text extraction accuracy of bounding rectangles.
  • Eliminated an APDFL/DLE heap corruption error when trying to create a PDF page from an Image.
  • Corrected APDFL Image processing that resulted in occasional duplicate text content.
  • Corrected a problem where flattening certain PDF documents causes the APDFL to crash.
  • Modified APDFL/DLE to keep certain PDF documents PDF/UA compliant when an application uses APDFL to copy pages from one document into a new one.
  • Expose new Flattener parameters in DLE.

New Features

  • Added a new flag to the APDFL PDFProcessorPDFAConvertParamsRec. This is a Boolean, defaulting to false, which, when true, will ignore all limitation errors in the input PDF. This allows PDFA processing to complete faster and with fewer errors in the resulting document.
  • When half toning isn't used for G3 or G4 TIFF output, use thresholding to create the monochrome output. Exposed new property for the user to control the threshold value used.
  • Added 'kPDPrintUseCropBox' interface support to DLE.
  • Added a parameter allowing the customer to control the Flattener vector/raster decision, and thus the page flattening time to DLE.

APDFL v10.1.0PlusP5h (9/1/2016)

  • Updated APDFL to ignore alternate file system temporary path names that are NULL.
  • Fixed transparency flattener.

New Features:

  • Added a parameter allowing the customer to control the Flattener vector/raster decision, and thus the page flattening time.

APDFL v10.1.0PlusP5g (7/27/2016)

  • ASFileClose now returns an error code instead of raising an exception when attempting to close an already-closed ASFile.
  • Corrected issues with blank output text when the ZapfDingbats font was used.

New Features:

  • Added a parameter, kPDPrintUserCropBox, to the PDFLTPrintDoc() interface to use the crop box for paper width and paper height.

APDFL v10.1.0PlusP5f (7/8/2016)

Note that version P5e was not distributed to customers.

  • Corrected the Vivaldi Italic entry in the APDFL internal cache so that it can be found using the customer's keywords.
  • Updated APDFL to tolerate a case where a 'node' was not found in the color table. The system now responds by using use the closest color table element available. This replaces the previous practice of throwing a bad PDF exception.
  • Modified APDFL handling of a badly formed font to tolerate and skip a truncated glyph outline description, rather than repeatedly trying to re-parse the font. In most scenarios, all characters are correctly processed..
  • Modified DLE to skip invalid annotations when rendering a PDF document.
  • Modified the PDPageDrawContentsToMemoryEx() internal logic to avoid anti-alias processing for clip paths.
  • Corrected a performance issue that was slowing the APDFL word finder down.

The API reference for our Java and .NET interface, created using Doxygen, has been restored to Mac releases.

APDFL v10.1.0PlusP5d (6/21/2016)

  • Modified APDFL handling of a badly formed font to tolerate and skip a truncated glyph outline description, rather than repeatedly re-parse the font. In most scenarios, all characters are correctly processed.
  • Modified DLE to skip over invalid Annotations when rendering a PDF Document.
  • Corrected a performance issue that was slowing the APDFL word finder down.

New Features

  • Added Progress Monitor Callbacks to APDFL and DLE for DrawContents methods.
  • Added Progress Monitor Callbacks to APDFL and DLE for Print methods.

APDFL v10.1.0PlusP5c (6/15/2016)

  • Corrected a segmentation fault termination of applications that attempt to use one of the plug-ins (e.g., PDFlattener) on a Sparc32 Solaris11 machine.
  • Corrected a PDF to EPS conversion problem that resulted in a corrupted EPS file when a certain PDF file was used as input.
  • Corrected a document flattening problem where characters in a text string ended up on top of each other.
  • Corrected a character spacing problem when a document was run through the flattener.
  • Corrected a problem where a page fails to render, silently, when it contains a corrupted image. Added a mechanism allowing the customer to direct APDFL to throw an exception instead.
  • Corrected handling of widths in PDEElementGetWIdth() when the element is a PDEText element.
  • Corrected a problem that prevented embedding, without subsetting, type0 fonts.
  • Corrected a problem where documents with 28 or more spot colors were not properly rendered.

APDFL v10.1.0PlusP5b (6/2/2016)

  • Corrected a segmentation fault termination of applications that attempt to use one of the plug-ins (e.g., PDFlattener) on a Sparc32 Solaris11 machine.
  • Corrected a PDF to EPS conversion problem that resulted in a corrupted EPS file when a certain PDF file was used as input.
  • Corrected a document flattening problem where characters in a text string ended up on top of each other.
  • Corrected a problem where a page fails to render, silently, when it contains a corrupted image. Added a mechanism allowing the customer to direct APDFL to throw an exception instead.
  • Corrected a problem that prevented embedding, without subsetting, type0 fonts.
  • Corrected a problem where documents with 28 or more spot colors were not properly rendered.

APDFL v10.1.0PlusP5a (4/28/2016)

  • Corrected a problem where the Collate option was ignored when specified in the DLE PrintPDFGUI sample dialog box.
  • Corrected a memory exception problem when calling CloneAsPDFADocument more than once without closing the PDF library. The initialization of the port resources was trying to reuse the same information from the previous run and needed to be refreshed in the initialization function.
  • Corrected a problem with the PDFViewer Sample where some text was omitted when a PDF document was opened and closed more than once in a PDFViewer session.
  • Corrected a problem with semi-transparent shadows becoming opaque.
  • Corrected a problem with opaque regions becoming semi-transparent.
  • Corrected a problem where inserted PDF pages do not properly inherit bookmark state.
  • Corrected an “Out of Memory” exception when text was added to a document on AIX systems.
  • Corrected a problem where multiple calls to the PDEContentCreateFromCosObj function causes excessive memory utilization. This is a re-implementation of the fix for 38256 that greatly reduces memory utilization, but does not eliminate gradual memory growth in some applications that do not close the PDF document.

Backward Compatibility Improvements. This is the first all platform releases containing backward compatibility improvements. These changes enhance the robustness of APDFL by doing default initialization of newer print and render interface parameters that older applications were not passing in.

New DL Samples. With this release, 33 new DL samples are available for Linux and Mac, 32 and 64 bit, as well as for Windows.

APDFL v10.1.0Plus4w (3/28/2016)

  • Modified APDFL Wordfinder to correctly order the characters in a word when some characters had excessive left side bearing.
  • Corrected a problem that resulted in the loss of some characters after color processing.

APDFL v10.1.0Plus4u (3/10/2016)

  • Improved the robustness of APDFL by doing default initialization of new interface parameters that older applications were not passing in.
  • Modified DLE to ignore the "ICCBased color space can't be used here" exception during annotation dictionary creation and continue processing the PDF document.

APDFL v10.1.0Plus4t (2/25/2016)

The Flattener Font Re-use Feature allows more fonts to be re-used, rather than replaced, in the text handling portion of the APDFL flattener. This allows a wider set of flattened pages to have content extracted after flattening.

On the one hand, you should never flatten a page that you want continue using as a live PDF document. The flattener, by its nature and design, seriously compromises a page's ability to have its content manipulated. On the other hand, customers do it all the time.

When we replace an embedded font with a GID encoded replacement, we often do not have enough of the font’s resources (stripped when embedding) to create a viable “ToUnicode” table for the font. As a result, we don’t really know what the glyph ID means, and Acrobat’s extract tool cannot create a valid string representation (nor can WordFinder). This change avoids the issue, by allowing the encoding to be kept.

  • Corrected form handling so that text elements are no longer lost during PDF processing.
  • Made adjustments to APDFL/DLE so that PDFs with heavy vector graphics render faster.
  • Made changes to APDFL/DLE to tolerate PDFs with malformed annotation dash arrays.
  • Modified the PDFlattener plugin to automatically adjust its resolution so that it does not hang up on some PDF files.
  • Corrected a problem where APDFL processing of a document ended up losing some of the text content.

APDFL v10.1.0Plus4s (2/5/2016)

  • Using DLEViewer, when the lines in a polygon crossed each other, the selection versus deselected mode showed the fill portion differently. The mode of the editor was changed to use a fill mode of Winding so it would match the mode used for generating the polygon and the graphics state is now being saved.
  • Corrected a problem where the function 'PDETextGetTextMatrixEx' returns incorrect value. The orthogonal line matrix check was modified to take into account slight precision differences.
  • Addressed an issue with Flattener failure on some PDF files by modifying the Flattener to retry failed pages with a transQuality of zero.
  • Corrected a graphics state initialization problem in the ExtractText DL Sample.
  • Corrected a crash problem with the DLEViewer Sample in Debug mode when selecting the circle annotation from the dropdown.
  • Added color conversion capabilities to the DLE (.NET and Java) interface to APDFL.

APDFL v10.1.0PlusP4r (1/7/2016)

  • Addressed an issue with clipped Type 3 font characters in certain PDF documents when they are processed by PDFLPrintDoc().
  • Addressed an issue with Flattener failure on some PDF files by modifying the Flattener to retry failed pages with a transQuality of zero.
  • Resolved an issue where PDFLPrintDoc() failed to create EPS files for certain PDF input files on the AIX platform.

APDFL v10.1.0PlusP4q (12/18/2015)

  • Added a progress callback to PDFLPrintDoc().
  • Added a progress callback to PDPageDrawContentsToMemoryWithParams().
  • Corrected a problem where Adobe A9R temporary files were not being deleted after an image was cloned in DLE.
  • Corrected a memory leak that was noticed in code that made multiple calls to the PDEContentCreateFromCosObj function.
  • Corrected a problem with PDF Library crashes when flattening certain PDF files.
  • Corrected a regression in APDFL’s ability to print Nup (multiple pages per sheet) on some printers.
  • Corrected a regression when drawing a polygon annotation in DLEViewer. Clicking outside the annotation edit box would cause the fill color to disappear.
  • HasRichTextData: DLE: This API is part of the Annotation class and returns a Boolean value representing whether the Annotation has Rich Text String content or not.
  • PageWarnings: DLE: This API is part of the Page class and it’s a property that will return a bit field with problems that might have been encountered when rendering the page. The return value should be compared against the PageRenderWarning enum values to see if any problems were actually encountered.

APDFL v10.1.0PlusP4n (11/06/2015)

  • APDFL: resolved several memory leaks that were causing memory utilization to grow over time

  • APDFL: addressed issues where fonts with different values for the MissingWidth attribute were being merged causing text to overlap or lose font spacing

  • APDFL: resolved a problem where “new” memory exceptions were not caught by try/catch after APDFL initialization

  • DLE: corrected unwanted stroke thickness changes by modifying the way the Library handles PDETextItems when the ctm is non-square and the text is stroked

  • APDFL: addressed a flattener crash when trying to color convert an input PDF with no output intent

  • APDFL: corrected related issues where text appeared "moved" as a result of incorrect logic for synchronized save levels

  • APDFL: fixed issue with merging documents when certain fonts have the same encodings

  • APDFL: addressed related issues where fonts with different internal CMaps were being merged causing text to be corrupted

APDFL v10.1.0PlusP4m (10/19/2015)

  • APDFL: resolved multi-threaded issue where, based on black point compensation settings, color rendering was "off" in certain threads

  • APDFL: addressed unhandled exception when trying to insert pages in which the PDF's font resources did not have suffixes after the embedding prefix

  • DLE: fixed unhandled exception when trying to get separations for documents that exceed the implementation limit of 32 DeviceN colors

APDFL v10.1.0PlusP4k (10/06/2015)

  • DLE: resolved a printing speed issue where DLE printing (to certain printers) is slower than Adobe Reader XI

  • DLE: addressed issue which identified discrepancies between the permissions of a PDF in Acrobat versus DLE

  • APDFL: fixed hanging issue in Win64 (not Win32) when APDFL tries to render certain PDFs containing JPEG images

  • DLE: resolved "Invalid border array" error when DLE tries to retrieve an annotation that contains an empty border array

  • APDFL: fixed issue where some text disappears after APDFL processing of a PDF document that contains a form with an inherited font

  • DLI: addressed issue where differences in PDF structures were identified between different versions of DLI resulted in very long processing times

  • APDFL: fixed “A number is out of range” error when an input PDF has the incorrect "Set line dash pattern" operators in the pages' contents

  • DLE: resolved "'W' key in "BS" dictionary exception being thrown by DLE when trying to retrieve an image if no 'W' entry was specified

  • DLE: addressed issue where form field checkboxes were not saved in the rendered PDF output.

  • APDFL: fixed issue where the clipping path was being removed because APDFL was automatically reseting the bounding box of a form to match it's contents size.

  • APDFL: resolved issue in which APDFL forces lossless encoding for images that are larger than 33660000 bytes

  • DLE: addressed issue when DLE tries to generate an appearance for an annotation but runs into an "empty border array"

  • APDFL: fixed memory leak issue by adding additional PDERelease calls to free memory used by the PDEImage and ColorSpace held by the drawtomemory object.

  • DLE: added DLE enhancements to provide an easy way to tell how an Image is compressed and an easy way to change the compression of an image.

APDFL v10.1.0PlusP4j (09/03/2015)

  • APDFL: eliminated crash when certain PDF documents were PDDocSave'd with the PDSaveLinearized flag set

  • DLE: resolved issue where a blank PDF was being generated when converting a JPEG- compressed TIF to PDF

  • APDFL: fixed issue where unnecessary Gestalt console messages are being displayed on Mac OSX 10.10

  • DLE: addressed issue where printing to a PDF's CropBox on certain printers resulted in incorrect output

  • APDFL: resolved issue where an error message regarding invalid dash arguments because of a negative dash phase was being displayed during printing

APDFL v10.1.0PlusP4h (08/18/2015)

  • APDFL:resolved issue where the save logic triggered an exception when processing COS objects with badly formed headers

  • APDFL: fixed issue where PDFA conversion appeared to be hanging when processing input files with many pages

  • DLE: addressed issue when trying to convert a PDF to PDF/A-1b

  • DLE: resolved issue where an error occurred during color processing when the colors were not CosArray types

  • APDFL: fixed issue where output of a PDFAConversion inflated the size of the file substantially

APDFL v10.1.0PlusP4g (07/31/2015)

  • DLE: added support for extracting 3 channel, 4 bpc images from a PDF. Previously, they were not supported and DLE was throwing an exception when they were encountered.

  • APDFL: resolved collation issue when trying to print from APDFL

  • DLE: addressed issue with (PDPrefSetWorkingRGB) where the specified default working space was being overwritten by sRGB

  • APDFL: fixed issue with text extraction by enhancing the APDFL WordFinder to add the Adobe Glyph List (AGL) algorithms and list to the logic that creates a CID to Unicode mapping.

  • DLE: resolved issue where canceling printing resulted in a runtime exception because some execution paths in APDFL threw the wrong type of error on encountering a cancellation.

APDFL v10.1.0PlusP4f (07/07/2015)

  • DLE: resolved issue where path names that exceeded the 260-byte limit imposed by the operating system resulted in an error/exception

  • APDFL: addressed issue where various shading elements were incorrectly resized after re-compressing

  • APDFL: fixed issue where letters within words were getting duplicated upon extraction

  • APDFL: addressed issue where text was getting shifted after re-compressing images within the same document

  • APDFL: resolved issue where clipping paths were lost when re-compressing images

  • APDFL: addressed issue where a logo image was being covered by a dark box after re- compression of images

  • APDFL: resolved issue where a segmentation fault was occurring in the use of a pattern color space

  • APDFL: fixed issue where re-compressing images resulted in an error/exception: "Process Path Element: Incorrect PDEObject Type (40100002)"

  • DLI: resolved issue where fonts with identical family names and style names, but different full names, were being considered identical. So, the second font could not be found.

  • DLE: addressed issue where an "out of memory" exception occurred when transcoding JPEGs/TIFFs, etc.

  • DLE: fixed issue where not enough memory was being allocated when trying to create large images

  • Redaction support was added to DLE

APDFL v10.1.0PlusP4e (06/19/2015)

  • APDFL: resolved an issue where the bounding box was not automatically calculated correctly for a PDE object

  • DLE: added functionality for retaining ICC profiles when exporting/importing various image formats.

  • DLE: resolved issue where resolution values where not being updated in output color separated TIFs

  • APDFL: addressed issue with temp files being left behind related to creating PDFs from TIF files

  • APDFL: added logic to work around malformed CMap/ToUnicode tables to fall back to single-byte encoding tables

  • DLE: fixed issue where an error occurred when trying to extract image data.

  • DLE: replaced misleading "Error:13 License" error with a more descriptive one

APDFL v10.1.0PlusP4d (06/02/2015)

  • DLE: addressed incorrect license Error introduced in 10.1.0PlusP4b

  • APDFL: fixed issue of XObject not correctly rendered on all pages.

  • APDFL: fixed issue where AIX64 results in crashes (segmentation fault) while AIX32 results in no crashes

  • DLE: resolved issue with CMYK image extraction and re-insertion.

  • DLE: addressed issue of filter out text with invisible rendering mode

  • DLE: resolved PDF Library Error: Read less image data than expected. Error number: 1074790418

  • DLE: added digitally signed DLE DLLs on Windows

  • DLE: addressed imageImport: CMYK JPEG Issues- image is reversed.

APDFL v10.1.0PlusP4c (05/07/2015)

  • APDFL: addressed issue where some lines get thinner after PDEContentAddElem

  • DLE: resolved issue of filtering out text with invisible rendering mode

  • DLE: added ability to cancel thumbnail generation when using DrawContents

  • DLE: fixed problem with the support of Unicode characters for printer name

  • DLE: resolved problem with the support of Unicode characters for printed document name

APDFL v10.1.0PlusP4b (04/17/2015)

  • APDFL: addressed Print Spool File Size Issue

  • APDFL: resolved printing pdfs with callback - output size larger

  • APDFL: fixed issues in extraction / selection of Arabic text in a PDF

  • APDFL: addressed PDFLib crashes when calling PDPageGetBox() method

  • DLE: resolved APDFL parser failing when concurrently opening documents

  • DLE: fixed issues with Page.getContent() in multithreaded programs

  • DLE: resolved issue of bookmark crashes

  • DLE: addressed intermittent PDF errors

APDFL v10.1.0PlusP4a (03/25/2015)

  • APDFL: addressed problem of replacing text

  • APDFL: fixed issue of crash after APDFL upgrade

  • APDFL: resolved issue where rec->nCopies and NUM_COPIES always putting twice the number of pages in the printer as 1 print job

  • DLE: addressed fatal error occurs when trying to initialize the Library class

APDFL v10.1.0PlusP3r (03/11/2015)

  • DLE: fixed issue of rendering a pdf file produces incorrect output

  • DLE: addressed issues when rendering jbig2 with page.getImage on Solaris

  • APDFL: resolved error for a PDF supported by Adobe Reader

APDFL v10.1.0PlusP3p (03/06/2015)

  • APDFL: fixed issue of fonts corrupted when pdflPrintDoc call is made running as System

  • APDFL: corrected wrong BBox/Quad from PDEText

  • DLE: resolved issue where Image from jpeg - results in Acrobat out of memory error

APDFL v10.1.0PlusP3n (02/13/2015)

  • APDFL/DLI: resolved font fails to load because one font in a TTC is not embedable

  • APDFL: fixed issue of output PS when converted to PDF loses all vectors

  • APDFL: addressed issue where PDF crashes Adobe PDF Library

  • APDFL/DLI: addressed genErrBadParm exception with some Asian fonts inside of TrueType Collections

APDFL v10.1.0PlusP3m (02/05/2015)

  • APDFL: fixed issue of Text shifting

  • APDFL: addressed issue of empty pages when printing on some PCL printers

  • APDFL: resolved issue of PostScript file [created from PDFLPrintDoc] has wrong position of content

  • DLE: addressed Bad Allocation Error

APDFL v10.1.0PlusP3k (01/16/2015)

  • APDFL: fixed issue of Overprint Preview not correct

  • DLE: addressed issue of DLE not cleaning up temp directory

  • APDFL: fixed when PDEContentAddPage() fails, memory leaks

  • APDFL: resolved problem in banded output to PS driver

  • APDFL/DLE: resolved Unhandled Exceptions when printing using multiple processes to the same printer

APDFL v10.1.0PlusP3j (12/09/2014)

  • APDFL: added interfaces to allow user to access and set font stored in the PDEForm object

  • DLI: fixed the built-in Mac OS fonts STHeiti and STXihei in the WideText DLI sample code results in genErrBadParm from call to dlpdftextadvance() & fixed failure when we load two Asian named fonts in a row

  • DLE: fixed missing large portion of content (thin lines) on PCL printed output

APDFL v10.1.0PlusP3h (11/13/2014)

  • APDFL: resolved issue of missing image after conversion to EPS

  • APDFL: fixed Segfault in printpdf

  • APDFL: fixed garbled characters when printing

  • APDFL: addressed issue where ToUnicode table is not valid after Flattening process

  • APDFL: resolved slightly different rendered output image buffer from PDPageDrawContentsToMemory

  • APDFL: resolved issue of kPDPageIsPrinting flag causes rendered page to darken

  • DLE: addressed "Unhandled exception while executing DLE source" loading BMP file

APDFL v10.1.0PlusP3g (10/24/2014)

  • APDFL: resolved issue where not all sub-bookmarks copied in PDF/A conversion - when linearization added

  • APDFL: addressed runtime linking conflict of Objective-C class defined in DL100AGM.framework and AdobeAGM.framework installed by Adobe Reader

APDFL v10.1.0PlusP3f (10/10/2014)

  • DLE: addressed issue of Transparency not correctly computed when rasterizing

  • APDFL: resolved issue of many characters are missing from the print when using custom DC

  • DLI: resolved crash in loading SimSun-ExtB font

  • DLI: resolved issue of can't load a specific font

  • APDFL: fixed Unicode character not displaying in watermarks

APDFL v10.1.0PlusP3e (09/29/2014)

  • APDFL: addressed issue of Blank page when PDPrefSmoothImage is used

APDFL v10.1.0PlusP3d (09/18/2014)

  • APDFL: resolved issue of PDEnumSysFonts does not stop enumerating when the callback returns false

  • DLE: resolved Memory Leak in AddElements()

  • APDFL: addressed issue of nCopies parameter adding copies to the data stream

  • DLE: resolved issue of PDFL library never returns and locks up the application

  • DLE: resolved issue of A9RXXXXXXX files in temp folder not getting deleted

APDFL v10.1.0PlusP3c (08/28/2014)

  • APDFL: resolved issue where Library gives an un-handled exception in addelem sample

  • APDFL: resolved a bug where some TIFF elements were being saved as black squares

  • APDFL: resolved where Danish accents and symbols print incorrectly

  • APDFL: resolved issue where the book marks are stripped from PDFs in PDF/A conversion

APDFL v10.1.0PlusP3b (08/11/2014)

  • APDFL: resolved rendering issue that resulted in blank pages

  • DLE: Added allowRelaxedSyntax flag to allow processing of some files with incorrect syntax

  • DLE: issue with multithreaded access to the library

  • DLI: resolved issue where embedded JPEG graphics used Flate instead of DCT encoding

  • DLE: resolved issue with inconsistent Microsoft runtime DLL usage

  • APDFL: resolved issue where PDDocSaveWithParam resulted in scrambled text

APDFL v10.1.0PlusP3a (07/15/2014)

  • DLE: added support for additional smoothing options - TextAntiAliasEnableDDR and TextAntiAliasEnablePreview

  • DLI: resolved issue for TrueType fonts that did not have a 'head' table

  • DLI: resolved crash issue when font had zero entries in glyph substitution table)

  • DLI: added Resources directory to Framework bundle to resolve building issue on MacOS

  • Resolved compilation issue with windows capitalization of header files

APDFL v10.1PlusP2z (6/24/2014)

  • resolved issue of missing accented glyphs (umlauts) when rendering

  • resolved text extraction issue on Unix platforms where longer strings and more words were returned than on Windows platforms

APDFL v10.1PlusP2x (6/5/2014)

  • resolved issues with password protected PDF handling on HP/UX platforms

  • APDFL: resolved issue with bad fonts being generated when printing to some Windows virtual printers

  • Java/.NET: resolved issue with imported CMYK (YCbCr) JPEG images being reversed

  • APDFL: resolve issues with annotation actions being duplicated when converting to PDF/A, causing exponential growth in some files' sizes

APDFL v10.1PlusP2w (5/19/2014)

  • APDFL: resolved rendering issues with certain PDF files

  • APDFL: resolved issue with rendering gives an invalid function resource for specific class of PDF files

APDFL v10.1PlusP2u (5/13/2014)

  • APDFL: resolved crash in rendering some PDFs with Type3 fonts

  • APDFL: resolved issue with character mapping of specific fonts when rendering PDF pages

  • APDFL: resolved internal error in PDF page merging

  • Java/.NET: added visibility expression to OptionalContentMembershipDict object

  • Java/.NET: resolved memory leak when working with Annotation objects

APDFL v10.1PlusP2t (4/24/2014)

  • DLI: resolved issue importing certain PDF pages where no trailing whitespace is in page content streams

  • APDFL: resolved imaging issue with flattening when using 64bit Microsoft ICM

  • APDFL: resolved crashes flattening when Microsoft ICM is chosen

  • Java/.NET: added ability to not encrypt document metadata when saving

  • APDFL: resolved issue where a graphic fill becomes a stroke after flattening

  • DLI: fixed import of JPEG issues which decompress to large temporary sizes

  • APDFL: fixed issue where Tc is not reset in form processing

  • APDFL: fixed issue where layered type shifts slightly in specific file

APDFL v10.1PlusP2s (4/9/2014)

  • APDFL: resolve "bad parameter" exception when merging certain PDFs into other PDF documents

APDFL v10.1PlusP2r (4/4/2014)

  • Added C++ Windows example viewer as demonstration on making PDF viewer with core PDF toolkit

  • Added DLI support for Linux 64-bit platform

  • APDFL: resolve crash generating PDF file XAP metadata

  • All interfaces: resolve issue processing PDFs with CCITT encoded images with row sizes > 32767 pixels

  • NET: add support for drawing to 32-bit RGB+alpha images via device context

  • APDFL: resolved issue rendering fonts in specific PDF file

  • APDFL: resolved issue with rendering of certain notes that can have transparency flattened without rendering

  • APDFL / Java: resolved crash rendering specific page in specific PDF file

  • Java / .NET: enhanced granularity in retrievable document permissions

APDFL v10.1PlusP2p (3/20/2014)

  • APDFL: Support added for HP Itanium2 (32- and 64-bit) platforms

APDFL v10.1PlusP2n (3/20/2014)

  • APDFL: resolved issue color converting certain colorspaces in specific PDF files

  • Java / NET: added mechanism to determine if a secured PDF can be rasterized

  • APDFL: added N-up support from DEVMODE for printing on Windows

  • APDFL: resolved issue with disappearing content in Form XObject re-purposing

  • Java / .NET: added API to set rendering intent for images in PDF content

  • Java / .NET: resolved issue with bad rendering intent being set for images in PDF content in certain instances

  • .NET: update manifest version number to be identical for 32-bit and 64-bit assemblies

APDFL v10.1PlusP2m (2/21/2014)

  • Java: allow specification of print output tray by name when printing

  • Java/.NET: resolved issue with erroneous creation of annotation borders when appearances specify a border width of 0

APDFL v10.1PlusP2k (2/10/2014)

  • APDFL: resolved issue with converting some XPS files resulting in black pages

  • APDFL: provide means to detect that bad PDE content extraction will occur as a result of some types of unbalanced page marked content operators

  • APDFL: prevent PDDocColorConvertPageEx from looping on an element in a specific PDF file

APDFL v10.1PlusP2j (1/22/2014)

  • APDFL: resolve issue where incorrect character spaces occurs when text horizontal scaling is used

  • APDFL: correct garbled characters using PDFPrintDoc to fax driver

  • APDFL: resolve crash when using WordFinder with specific PDF documents

  • APDFL: resolve issue with clipping for certain images with image masks

  • APDFL: resolve out of range error processing specific PDF file

  • Java/.NET: fix issue with TIFF BlackIsOne indicator being mistakenly set when untrue

  • APDFL: resolve issue with specific PDF file and extracting text with doubled letters

  • APDFL: resolve issue with imposing page content into certain PDF documents

APDFL v10.1PlusP2h (12/22/2013)

  • APDFL: resolve memory leaks in PDDocColorConvertPage API

  • APDFL: resolve issues with displaying specific PDF page

  • APDFL: prevent bad parameter exception in PDColorConvertPDEElement

  • Java/.NET: resolve differences in FreeText annotation appearance vs. Acrobat- generated appearances

  • Java: resolve PDF file corruption when using buffered memory streams to save PDFs that do not end in trailing CR/LF

APDFL v10.1.PlusP2f (11/15/2013)

  • .NET: DLEViewer example fixes and enhancements for bookmark & link processing

  • APDFL: resolve IntelSolaris x64 issue with returned PDF file permissions

APDFL v10.1.0PlusP2e (10/14/2013)

  • APDFL: fix leak of soft masks when acquiring page PDE content in some instances

  • APDFL: resolve issue with DLEnableLicensedBehavior() API crashes on Mac OS X 64bit

  • Java/.NET: resolve DLEViewer handling of links & bookmarks that are missing /Action keys

  • APDFL: fix stack overflow when working with particular PDF document

APDFL v10.1.0PlusP2d (9/23/2013)

  • APDFL: resolved issue with incorrect text positions with PDF files created by InDesign

  • APDFL: resolved issue with color conversion resulting in incorrect PDEObject for some PDF files

  • APDFL: fixed crash when color converting specific PDF documents

  • APDFL: decrease in output file size from the PDDocColorConvertPage process

  • Java/.NET: resolve issue where DLFramework posts messages into the windows application log even when asked not to

  • APDFL, DLI: resolved crash while using dlipdfttload() to load a Korean font

  • Java/.NET: update examples to show correct use of printing shrink to fit option

  • APDFL: resolved issue with lost images as page content is browsed/enumerated

  • Java/.NET: resolve crash processing specific PDF file

  • Java/.NET: User Guide and documentation updates

APDFL v10.1.0PlusP2c (9/3/2013)

  • APDFL: resolve error with printing specific PDF file

  • DLI: resolve memory overwrite issues when parsing vertical GSUB tables in certain Korean language OTF fonts

APDFL v10.1.0PlusP2b (8/16/2013)

  • APDFL: resolved infinite processing loop parsing specific class of PDF files

  • APDFL: allow PDPageDrawContentsToMemoryWithParams to handle >= 2GB image buffer

  • DLI: resolve issue with not subsetting space characters when last glyph to be subset

  • Java/.NET: fix issue with PDF outputs to streams differing from those written to disk

  • APDFL: resolved issue flattening a specific document with 2 shadings and a form

  • Java/.NET: resolved issue with print collation option

  • APDFL: resolved crash rendering certain PDF file

APDFL v10.1.0PlusP2a (8/6/2013)

  • APDFL: fix performance issue when printing document with large number of transparent annotations

  • APDFL: fix issue with flattening PDF documents with certain types of shading elements

  • Java / .NET: allow selection of error logging destination

APDFL v10.1.0PlusP1y (7/17/2013)

  • APDFL: fixed issues with flattening specific PDF page

  • APDFL / DLI: fix for text selection in Acrobat/Reader for left-to-right text lines

  • Java / .NET: added switch to allow for holding temporary PDF files in memory, rather than on disk

APDFL v10.1.0PlusP1x (6/24/2013)

  • APDFL: resolve issue with content being lost for specific PDF file when color converted

  • APDFL / DLI: resolve issue with processing large raster graphics in some instances

APDFL v10.1.0PlusP1w (6/17/2013)

  • Initial release of Java interface for Solaris SPARC-64 platform

  • APDFL: updates to removal logic for overstruck "bold" text extraction

  • APDFL: allow external flattening DPI values of up to 9600DPI

  • APDFL / DLI: fixes to line lengths reported for some fonts

  • APDFL: resolve issue with processing some specific types of PDF documents

  • APDFL: resolve issues with returning text advance for some fonts where hScale != 1.0

APDFL v10.1.0PlusP1u (6/1/2013)

  • APDFL: resolved issue with crash when merging PDF files missing certain font CMap entries

  • Java/.NET: increase maximum supported page image rendering to 2400DPI

  • Java/.NET: resolved issue with white lines appearing when rendering specific PDF file

  • APDFL: resolved issue with white lines appearing when rendering specific PDF file into DeviceN colorspace

  • Java/.NET: resolved issue with FileSpecification not behaving correctly when starting with "../"

APDFL v10.1.0PlusP1t (5/13/2013)

  • APDFL: fixed problem where blank pages were inserted into PDFs when errors flattening PDFs were encountered

  • Java/.NET: fixed problem with rendering pages when destination region was not properly rounded

  • APDFL: fixed issue with using rendering intents as rendering input for certain PDF files

  • APDFL: include /ToUnicode table for PDF fonts in flattened PDF files

  • APDFL: fix issue with inter-character spacing when flattening certain PDF files

  • APDFL: updates to exported symbols for compatibility on Mac in Reader/Acrobat plugins

APDFL v10.1.0PlusP1s (4/30/2013)

  • APDFL: match behavior of PDF version returned between APIs where Adobe PDF ExtensionLevel is defined

APDFL v10.1.PlusP1r (4/17/2013)

  • Java: resolved issues with setting printer tray directly through Java interface

  • APDFL: resolved issue with setting rendering intent in some uses of page rendering APIs

  • APDFL: resolved issue with color shift when rendering specific PDF with transparency

  • APDFL: prevent OPI clipping paths from being removed from PostScript output in some instances

  • APDFL: resolved memory leak when rendering some PDF files

APDFL v10.1.0PlusP1q (3/26/2013)

  • Java/.NET: resolved issue with bad parameter exception when rendering certain PDF files

  • Java/.NET: added interface for Shading objects

  • APDFL: resolved Mac issue with namespace collisions with Adobe Reader

  • Java: resolved DLEViewer example build issue

  • APDFL: resolved issue with incorrect glyphs when using some unembedded OpenType fonts

APDFL v10.1.0PlusP1p (3/15/2013)

  • Honor requests to not engage overprint preview in DeviceN rendering

  • Resolved PDEText to Unicode translation issue

  • Resolved issue with XPS conversion dropping images in some cases

  • Windows: removed MSVCP90.dll dependency from DLLs

APDFL v10.1.0PlusP1n (3/4/2013)

  • Java: add ability to import an Image from a byte array and from a BufferedInputStream

APDFL v10.1.0PlusP1k (2/13/2013)

  • APDFL: resolved issue with flattening PDFs with certain types of shading

  • APDFL: resolved issue with default smoothing causing image stippling in some cases.

APDFL v10.1.0PlusP1j (2/1/2013)

  • Initial PDF Library release with Mac OS X 64-bit (x64) support

APDFL v10.1.0PlusP1h (1/30/2013)

  • Java & .NET: added ability to set text with explicit GlyphID values

  • APDFL: resolved crashing issue when rendering specific PDF file

  • APDFL: resolved issue with specifying a custom print paper size

  • APDFL/DLE: extension and refinement to resolution of bounding box overflow issue when transferring content

APDFL v10.1.0PlusP1g (1/9/2013)

  • Improved layout of Java and .NET interfaces within product packaging

  • APDFL/DLE: resolved bounding box overflow issue when transferring content

  • DLE: do not generate annotation appearances when not requested for rendering