Adobe® PDF Library

Working with a PDF Collection, or Portfolio


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A PDF Portfolio is effectively a container or coversheet, where each of the files embedded in the PDF document retains its own identity. A PDF Portfolio can hold a variety of files, including other PDF documents, spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations, MS Word documents, and graphics files. Each PDF document included as an attachment within a PDF Portfolio works as its own file, with its own security settings, digital signatures, and so on. You can open a PDF Portfolio just as you would a regular PDF document, using Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat.

The files or documents included in a PDF Portfolio are described as being a part of the Collection Dictionary within that PDF Portfolio.

This sample program demonstrates how to open a PDF document and add a Collection to that PDF, thus creating a PDF Portfolio. The sample creates a simple Portfolio with two copies of the same input document, and shows how to set up different view modes which affects how the portfolio is presented.

To learn more see Section 7.11, “File Specifications,” in the ISO 32000 Reference, page 99, and Section 12.3.5, “Collections,” 1.7, on page 370. This document is found on the web store of the International Standards Organization.