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Viewing PDF Files

DotNETViewer, a tool for displaying PDF files

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The DotNETViewer is a tool that allows you to open, display and edit PDF files.  With the DotNETViewer you can:

  1. Page through a PDF file by clicking arrows on the tool bar, or enter the number of the page you want to look at and move there directly.
  2. Open as many individual DotNETViewer windows, and PDF files, as you like at one time on your desktop or laptop.
  3. Zoom in and out in text.  You can use the magnifying glass icons to make text larger or smaller, but you can also use the Marquee Zoom icon.  Click  DLEViewerMarqueeZoom and then draw a box around the portion of a page you want to look at.  When you release your right mouse button the Viewer will zoom into that part of the page.
  4. You can also click DLEViewerZoomModeto turn on Zoom Mode.  Then, when you click on a section of a page, the display zooms into that section of the page.
  5. Add changes to the PDF file.  You can add a variety of annotations using DotNETViewer to any PDF file, including :
    • Text box. You can select the font, size, and left/right/center justification.
    • Set the width and style (solid or dashed), and select arrows for line endings.
    • Ellipses
    • Rectangles and polygons
    • Links
    • Free-form line drawing
    • Highlighting
  6. Open PDF files that are password protected.
  7. Merge documents. The Append feature allows you to select a second PDF file and immediately add it to the end of the file you currently have open.
  8. Print a PDF file that you have open, and adjust the size of the print content.
  9. Search for words within a PDF file.
  10. Display and print layers within a PDF file, or turn off the layers so that the disappear in the viewer, allowing you to highlight other content.

With the DotNETViewer product we provide both the source code language and the user interface itself.  So you can use the DotNETViewer to work with PDF files, but if you already have your own user interface for viewing PDF files, you might want to apply some of the components from DotNETViewer to your own system.  For example, you might have an interface that your customers can use to open monthly statements that you provide for them as PDF files.  You might want to add the code for the DotNETViewer Marquee Zoom tool as an enhancement to your interface, so that your customers can easily zoom in on a single transaction record.

DisplayPDF, a simple alterative to DotNETViewer

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DisplayPDF is a simple utility you can use to open PDF files.  It offers fewer features than DotNETViewer, making the source code easier to work with.  You might want to use DisplayPDF itself as an alternative to Adobe Reader, or you can use the code as a guide for creating your own PDF viewer window.  The software offers a search tool and a means to highlight text.