Adobe® PDF Library

Getting Started

Supported Platforms and Compilers
Evaluating a free version of the Adobe PDF Library

What you receive when you install the Adobe PDF Library

When you purchase a copy of the Adobe PDF Library, Datalogics provides you with an account name and password so that you can download a licensed installation file of the software from our FTP site. You can also use this FTP site to transfer files to and from Datalogics.  A free evaluation of the software is also available for Windows and Linux users.

The most recent version of Adobe PDF Library is Version 18. We also support Version 15 of the product.

The installation files

Datalogics provides the Adobe PDF Library SDK installation file in a format appropriate to your platform:

  • .exe for Windows, self-extracting
  • .tar.gz for Unix
  • .dmg for macOS

The file download includes binary files, samples, and supporting materials for the Adobe PDF library C++ interface, and for interfaces for Java, Microsoft .NET, and .NET Core.

Installation folders

The CPlusPlus folders hold the DLL files and sample programs for the Adobe PDF library.  The libraries for .NET and for Java are found in the "Binaries" folders under Java, DotNETFramework, and DotNET.

Programming References

The download package includes the online programming reference for the Java and .NET programming interfaces, a reference for the .NET Core framework, and another for the Adobe PDF Library itself.

This Programming Reference for Java, .NET, and .NET Core are a set of HTML resources that describe how to work with Java and with .NET code, with detailed descriptions of namespaces, classes, files, and elements.  This Reference also provides license information.

You can open the .NET reference tool by clicking on Index.html, in the directory:


For .NET Core, click index.html in the DotNET directory:


For the Java Reference, click index.html in this directory instead:


To find a similar programming reference for the C/C++ interface, look in this directory:


This reference is provided as a PDF document called APDFL18_API_Reference.pdf.

Supported Platforms and Compilers

Adobe PDF Library 18

Adobe PDF Library 18 supports Windows x86/x64 Linux i686/x86_64/Aarch64, Mac ARM and Intel, SPARC Solaris, and IBM AIX.

Datalogics distributes the Adobe PDF Library version18 with International Components for Unicode (ICU).

Platform Operating System Version Compiler and Version
Linux Intel GLIBC 2.17 or later on Intel compatible hardware gcc 4.8 and higher
Linux AArch64 GLIBC 2.17 or later on 64-bit ARMv8 hardware gcc 4.8 and higher (or compatible clang compilers)
Mac Intel Mac OS X v10.9 and later, Intel 64 bit only XCode 12 or later
Mac ARM Mac OS X v11 and later XCode 12 or later
Windows Windows 10/11 or Server 2012 & later Visual Studio 2017 or later
Oracle SPARC Solaris 11.3 or higher gcc 9.1.0 or later
IBM AIX 7.2 ppc64 xlclang 17

Adobe PDF Library 18 and .NET

If you plan to build an application with Adobe PDF Library 18 using .NET Core, these are the minimum requirements:

You must install the .NET 6.0 SDK version 3.1.


  • Windows 10/11
  • Windows Server 2008 R2, x64
  • Visual Studio is not required, but if you use it you must have version 2019 or later


  • glibc v 2.17 or later, x64
  • glibc v 2.24 or later AArch64


  • High Sierra 10.13 or later, x64
  • Big Sur 11.0 and later, Apple Silicon