Adobe RMSDK and DL Reader

Release Notes, DL Reader for iOS

Datalogics has released the versions of DL Reader iOS with the following updates:

DL Reader 3.3 for iOS - 4 September 2015

  • Built with the beta releases of Xcode 7 and iOS 9 SDK.

  • CURL is built to enable IPv6 support. Build files have been updated to include this change (see note at the end of this section)

  • ATS is disabled so DL Reader can work with a wide range of content fulfilled through Adobe Content Server.

  • Multitasking is disabled till we can fix a couple of display issues, mainly in the settings dialog.

  • Image assets are organized using asset catalog. to support iOS 7. We preserved the existing resource structures

  • Added storyboard for launch images for iOS 8 and 9. We still use static images for iOS 7.

Notes on the build script changes:

  • For complete build script changes for building dp module and CURL, you will need to download file from our ftp site where the RMSDK 11 software is stored: /Products/RMSDK_Object/

  • If dp module fails to build using the command line make, you can open the dp Xcode project in Xcode 7, close the project, then try the command line make again. Opening and closing the Xcode project generate the dp-iOS shared scheme file that is needed to build from the command line.

DL Reader 3.2.1 for iOS - 8 May 2015

  • Support for an updated build of RMSDK 11.0.2 (2015-03-27)

  • RMServices is built as a stand-alone library

  • "About" option appears in the side drawer in addition to the Settings menu.

  • Prior to updating to RMSDK 11, RMServices has been delivered with RMSDK and is built as a separate library for ease of integrating with customer apps. Since we are delivering RMSDK directly from Adobe as a set of pre-built libraries, RMServices is now built as a library and is delivered as part of DL Reader source package.

Known issues for RMSDK 11 and DL Reader:

  • We are working on bringing back the support for CJK fonts and right-to-left reading capabilities.

DL Reader 3.2 for iOS - 19 March 2015

  • Support added for iOS ARM64 devices and x86_64 simulators. DL Reader continues to support ARMv7s devices and i386 simulators.

  • Internal error resolved for selecting text in PDF files on iPad Air 2

  • Integrated with RMSDK version v11.0.2, dated Feb. 18th 2015

Known issues:

  • CJK font support

  • Right-to-left reading direction in EPUB 2 files

  • Basic A/V playback support added to EPUB 2 files on iOS

DL Reader 3.1.3 for iOS - 16 January 2015

  • DL Reader v3.1.3 is now built with Adobe's RMSDK 11 release.

  • This version of DL Reader implementation will be able to support the new business models that Adobe has added in RMSDK 11 and ACS 6.

Known issues:

  • This version of DL Reader does not support EPUB 3.

  • EPUB 2 files that have reading direction from right to left are not supported.

  • Prior versions of DL Reader on iOS supported basic A/V playbacks. This feature is not supported from EPUB 2 rendered.

  • Some ebooks that contain CJK text (Chinese/Japanese/Korean) may have problems rendering text. We will be addressing this issue in future updates.

  • Selecting words in PDF files on the newer iPad Air 2 will result in an internal error. We will be addressing this issue in future updates.

DL Reader 3.0.6 for iOS - 14 October 2014

  • Added support to synchronize bookmarks, highlights, and highlights with notes

  • Added iOS 8 support.

  • Updated development target to 7.0; removing support for iOS 5 and 6.

  • DL Reader branding changes, including new logos, splashscreens, and other icon and UI changes

  • Updated the DL Reader User Guide

  • Fixed issues where page turning can be slow at times

  • Fixed an issue jumping to the most recent page

DL Reader 2.9.6 for iOS - 21 May 2014

  • Updated to use RMSDK 10.0 25 April 2014 release

  • Added the Datalogics Book Club, an example source of downloadable eBooks

  • Fixed appearance issue with page turn slider

  • Resolved multiple message issue when getting info for

  • Removed wood shelves for iOS5 and iOS6

  • Other minor fixes and enhancements

DL Reader 2.9.2 for iOS - 31 March 2014

  • Updated to use RMSDK 10.0 31 March 2014 release

  • eSync: post updates more reliably when app is switched out or device goes to sleep

  • eSync: support for page position synchronization across DL Reader instances

  • Minor issue resolutions

DL Reader 2.8 for iOS - 22 January 2014

This release updates DL Reader to use the Datalogics release of Adobe Reader Mobile SDK 10.0. Major enhancements include:

  • Support for new Adobe Hardened DRM, compatible with ACS 5

  • Performance improvements to PDF text search when the text is not present in the specified range

  • Support for additional CSS 2.1 properties, see release notes for details

  • Compiler support for Xcode 5 and Max OS 10.9

  • Support for Pseudo font (Bold and Italic properties) added for CJK languages

  • Support for CSS property “epub-text-orientation”; supported values: mixed | upright | sideways- right | sideways

  • Proper alignment of special characters that act as both full width and half width

  • Other bug fixes

Also resolved:

  • 36457: iOS: resolved duplication of eBooks on focus change with eBooks with composite characters in file names

DL Reader 2.7.2 for iOS - 5 November 2013

  • RMSDK update to 1 Nov2013 release:

  • 36271: iOS: deactivated interapp broadcasting in RMSDK on iOS. On iOS7, this was causing apps doing fulfillment to cause the iOS device to shutdown and restart.

  • iOS7: Fix issue where library list items would show “Delete” after deleting any book

  • Restored video files to the user guide

DL Reader 2.7.1 for iOS - 26 September 2013

  • Removed bookshelf on iOS7 (remains when run on iOS5 & 6) to match application best practices

  • New light-colored theme on iOS7 (old theme remains on iOS5 & 6)

  • Adjustment of iOS7 UI to match new application best practices

  • Using new ‘D’ logo instead of previous ‘DL’ logo

  • Other UI updates and tweaks

DL Reader 2.6.0 for iOS - 16 August 2013

  • Adds initial support for playback of EPUB3 embedded audio files

  • Includes fixes for playback of EPUB3 embedded video files

  • Updated to use 16 August 2013 RMSDK release

DL Reader 2.5.1 for iOS - 22 July 2013

  • Adds support for setting proxy server settings for internet access

  • Updated to use 19July2013 RMSDK release

DL Reader 2.5.0 for iOS - 3 July 2013

  • Adds initial support for video playback support in EPUB3 files for mp4, m4v and webm video formats

DL Reader 2.4.7 for iOS - 14 June 2013

  • Updated to use 13 June 2013 RMSDK release

DL Reader 2.4.3 for iOS - 3 June 2013

  • Updated to use 30 May 2013 release of RMSDK

DL Reader 2.4.2 for iOS - 10 May 2013

  • iOS: changed activation fingerprint generation to not use deprecated iOS APIs

DL Reader 2.4.0 for iOS - 1 May 2013

Initial release of DL Reader with Adobe Reader Mobile SDK v9.3.3. This includes:

  • Performance improvements in CSS selector parsing, PDF text retrieval and reduction in memory needed for handling font data

  • Many enhancements for vertical text layout, including better support for Japaneee Ruby and Kenten

  • Many page rendering fixes and improvements

  • Updates to text retrieval for enhanced searching in words with multiple styles

  • Updated to use RMSDK release of 27 March 2013

  • Resolves a viewing race condition in generating link information that caused crashing in some instances of rapid page scrolling

  • Resolved issue with hyphenation and loss of initial letters when breaking words across screens

DL Reader 2.3.0 for iOS - 6 February 2013

  • Bookshelf user interface view for browsing and interacting with users' ebook collections

  • Redesigned thumbnail generation code to eliminate whitespace from EPUB eBook thumbnails that are generated by DL Reader

  • Adds pre-population of Vendor ID authentication sources in user authentication menu - no more typing in Vendor ID names to use

  • Redesigned About: screens for easier access to product information

  • Many other user interface updates and improvements

  • iOS: Improved font size selection menus - greater range and better user interfaces

  • iOS: XCode 4.6 build compatibility updates

DL Reader 2.2.3 for iOS - 16 November 2012

  • Adds support for 4-inch Retina display devices: iPhone 5 and 5th generation iPod Touch

DL Reader 2.2.2 for iOS - 18 September 2012

  • Add customization support for disabling PDF reflow option

  • Update to RMSDK 12Sept2012 release to pull in updates (see RMSDK update page for details)

  • 34444: iOS: resolve issues with specifying CJK fallback fonts in customized DL Reader applications

DL Reader 2.2 for iOS - 22 August 2012

  • iOS: further performance enhancements for rendering complex PDF and EPUB files

  • iOS: XCode 4.4 is now supported for building

  • 34841, 34917: iOS: use PFiber instead of StandardFiber for fiber support

DL Reader 2.1.5 for iOS - 13 August 2012

  • Performance enhancements for rendering complex PDF and EPUB files

  • 34729: resolves issue opening Google Docs-generated PDF files

  • 34823: resolves issue opening PDF files that contain very large page coordinate references

DL Reader 2.1 for iOS - 3 August 2012

  • Adds support for adding and editing highlights to EPUB files and to PDF files when viewing in regular (non-reflow) mode

  • Updates to account activation to allow activating accounts that are joined to accounts that do not have remaining device activations

DL Reader 2.0 for iOS - 29 June 2012

  • Adds support for text searching

  • Adds ability to open eBooks from AdobeID and VendorID accounts that have been joined

  • iOS, Windows: adds support for joining accounts from within the DL Reader application

DL Reader 1.8 for iOS - 31 May 2012

  • Adds support for adding bookmarks to eBooks, including editing associated note/text

  • Adds support for R2L and mixed-language layout of Arabic and Hebrew for EPUB files

  • Resolves issue when opening PDF files with JPEG2000 images

  • Updated graphic assets for splash screen and application icon

  • Added Arabic, Hebrew and Russian UI support

  • Resolves a crash opening unopenable documents

  • Resolves issues building with XCode 9.3.2, including authorization issues caused by compiler update

  • Resolves issue with userStyle.css changes not taking effect

DL Reader 1.6.3 for iOS - 23 March 2012

  • RMSDK updates through March 20

  • Updates for improved support of Apple iPad 3rd-generation devices.

  • XCode 4.3.1 and iOS SDK 5.1 required for building.

  • Updates to user guide.

DL Reader 1.6.2 for iOS - 6 March 2012

  • RMSDK updates through February 27

  • 34235: Resolves issue with thumbnails and metadata not being correctly updated in certain cases

DL Reader 1.6.1 for iOS - 23 December 2011

  • Includes many fixes and updates for Japanese EPUB text layout and usage

DL Reader 1.5.5 for iOS - 21 November 2011

  • Resolves issues with PDF file zooming / panning

  • Reduces memory required for page rendering and caching

DL Reader 1.5 for iOS - 5 November 2011

  • PDF file zooming and panning support added

  • PDF reflow support added

  • Table of contents navigation support added

  • iOS 5.0 issue with tap-navigation between pages addressed

  • DL Reader source updates to build with XCode 4.2 / iOS SDK 5.0

DL Reader 1.3.0 for iOS - 11 October 2011

  • DL Reader User Guide now included for iOS in default set of books

  • Internal and external eBook link support added

  • Fixed issue with incorrect next/previous page after some device rotations

  • Fixed issue with activity indicator appearing on page after several consecutive device rotations Information on earlier versions available upon request. Please note that release dates represent approximate date of release of each version of DL Reader.