Adobe RMSDK and DL Reader

Supported Tools and Software for iOS

Note:The standards below apply to both Book2png and DL Reader for iOS. Software requirements for Android are provided separately.

Mac Operating System Versions and Tools

We recommend the Mac OS 10.9.5 or Mac Yosemite (OS 10.10.3) as the minimum version of the Mac operating system for your device.

iOS SDK Version 8.1

RMSDK 11 is built based on iOS 7.1.

DL Reader uses iOS SDK version 8.1.

Normally you would install Xcode 6.1.1 with iOS SDK 8.1. But you can install an earlier version of Xcode if you like, and you can update both the Xcode software and the iOS SDK independently of each other.

iOS SDK 7.1

We tested the product using the older iOS SDK 7.1, installing it within Xcode, Xcode:Preferences:Downloads.

Xcode: 6.1.1 Integrated Development Environment (IDE)

Check to see if the Xcode tool is already installed on your Mac. In the Applications folder open Utilities and Terminal, and type:
xcode-select –p
You should see the developer folder returned:


You can also go to Xcode:Preferences:Locations to see the command line tool option listed.

To install the Xcode command line tool, run
xcode-select --install

Apache Ant

To build RMSDK Book2png you need to install the Apache Ant software build tool (

You can use either the full path or set a path environment variable so your terminal session can run the Ant command.

Apple Code Signing Certificate

You will need an Apple Code Signing Certificate for testing Book2png on an iOS platform.  This Certificate allows you to sign Mac software and updates, in order to verify them to your customers. With the certificate your users will know that you have created the code—you are officially a trusted source—and that since you signed the software, it has not been changed in any way. That means that they can be confident when they download and install your product.

Adobe Systems Development Certificate

Before you start building DL Reader or modify RMSDK to build your own application, you need to request a development certificate from Adobe Systems. This will allow you to distribute the code. Look at the "ReadMe1st_DL.txt" file in


Download OpenSSL.

Download the tar.gz format. Feel free to upgrade a more recent version when available. When new versions of OpenSSL are available we will mention them in the release notes for updates to RMSDK.


Download the most recent cURL zip file.  Feel free to upgrade a more recent version when available.

DL Reader location

You should have a zip file that contains the DL Reader source code for iOS. Datalogics will send this file to you after you pay for a license for RMSDK. Unzip this file so that the folder it contains is added under the RMSDK Samples folder.

For example:
When you create folders, avoid using spaces in either RMSDK folder names or the DL Reader subfolder path names.