Datalogics PDF2IMG is a conversion utility that allows you to transform pages in a PDF or XPS document into graphics image files like BMP, GIF or JPG. You can choose the type of graphic format and the options, and the product can be built and run as a standalone executable or incorporated into your C++, C#, .NET or Visual Basic application.

You can also use PDF as one of the export formats. So you could take a 15 page PDF document and use PDF2IMG to convert it into 15 separate PDF documents, one PDF for each page in the original file.

This product was created using the Adobe PDF Library, a Software Development Kit (SDK) based on Adobe Acrobat technology. The Adobe PDF Library is available from Datalogics.

PDF2IMG includes several components:

  1. PDF2IMGLIB . This is the primary library component (.dll on Windows or .so on Linux) that converts PDF document pages to image files. Individual APIs are described in the Appendix. PDF2IMGLIB uses the underlying Adobe PDF Library SDK.
  2. PDF2IMG.exe. This executable is a command line program.  You can run the pdf2img.exe application as provided, or use the sample source code and Microsoft Visual Studio project file (pdf2img.vcproj) to do your own additional development work. The command line arguments are described in Running the PDF2IMG Software.
  3. PDF2IMG COM. This component performs the same conversion task and options as the command line program using a COM object. The PDF2IMG COM user interface can be used within a C# or VB application and is only available on Windows 32.
  4. Resources. The PDF2IMG software release package includes a set of fallback fonts and CMap files. The product uses these resources when needed fonts are not embedded in a source PDF document that is to be converted, and cannot be found in the system resource folders.

To learn more visit the Datalogics product page for PDF2IMG.