Conversions with ICC Color Profiles

PDF2IMG will honor calibrated colorspaces in PDF files, if output color management is in effect. The product will also write target ICC profiles to the TIF, JPG, PNG, or BMP output files.

Color management can be suppressed using either the Color Management Module nocmm command line call or the pdf2img_set_colormanagement API call.

For non-calibrated spaces, PDF2IMG will use the defaults provided by the Adobe PDF Library for conversions, depending on the colorspace.

Only PDF2IMG Pro and Premium support:

  • Using L*a*b and CMYK color spaces
  • Selecting a color profile for uncalibrated color spaces for an input PDF document
  • Selecting the ICC color profile to be used for output
Default Conversion Color Profiles
Colorspace ICC Color Profile (input) ICC Color Profile (output)
RGB Adobe 1998 RGB sRGB
CMYK Adobe Reader 9 or later CMYK Adobe Reader 9 or later CMYK based on
Simplified US web coated SWOP V2
Gray Gamma 2.2 Gamma 2.2
L*a*b CIE 1976 (L*a*b*) color specification with a D50 white point