Environment Variable Definitions

UNIX platform variables

On UNIX platforms, set LD_LIBRARY_PATH to the locations of the Adobe PDF Library, PDF2IMG, and GNU Operating System C Library (GLIBC) shared libraries.

The GLIBC shared libraries are usually found in /usr/local/lib.

The libraries do not need to reside in the same folder or folders, but must all be referenced by this LD_LIBRARY_PATH variable.

In order to build applications using  the PDF2IMG library in Linux, the working directory and the GNU Compiler Collection (GCC) libraries directory must be included in LD_LIBRARY_PATH.  This is an example of the command to use. Note that the actual path and version number for the GCC library may vary:
export GCC_LIBS=/opt/gcc-5.1/lib

NoteAlthough the PDF2IMG product distribution package includes copies of the Adobe PDF Library shared libraries, users with separate licenses and installations of Adobe PDF Library applications may use their current libraries and resources instead.

It is important to understand the PDF2IMG can convert a PDF document that references fonts that are not in fact embedded in that document. But if the software cannot find those fonts on the local machine, PDF2IMG will substitute its own. The product will not display an error message but this might lead to results you might not want, especially if the document is calling fonts with obscure or decorative typefaces or special symbols.  See Conversions with Missing Resources.