Font and CMap Location Searches

Providing Custom Locations for Font Files

By default PDF2IMG looks for fonts installed and used by Adobe products, such as Adobe Acrobat, and will use them if they are present. However, you can provide your own list of directories to search for font files (up to 16 local or server file folders) using the optional fontlist command line parameter. The fontlist option directs the software to look in the directories you provide instead of the default Adobe sites.

After searching the font locations you may provide, Windows and UNIX versions always search the font folders provided with the PDF2IMG software package, in the following locations, relative to the present installation directory:

  • Resources
  • Resources/Cmap
  • Resources/Font

PDF2IMG searches first in the locations you provide with the fontlist command line option. Any locations for fonts that you provide using the fontlist argument will supersede another of the same name that may appear in one of the default locations.

It is important to understand the PDF2IMG can convert a PDF document that references fonts that are not in fact embedded in that document. But if the software cannot find those fonts on the local machine, PDF2IMG will substitute its own. The product will not display an error message but this might lead to results you might not want, especially if the document is calling fonts with obscure or decorative typefaces or special symbols. See Conversions with Missing Resources.

Available Font/CMap Archive File

We can provide, on request, a separate .tar file containing an archive of fonts and CMap files distributed with Adobe PDF Library that are licensed for you to redistribute with PDF2IMG.  Contact your Datalogics Support  representative.

Redistributing the software only applies to PDF2IMG Premium.

Note: Fonts provided with PDF2IMG are only licensed for use and redistribution with the product.