Working with the PDF2IMG .NET Interface

When you install PDF2IMG, the PDF2IMG .NET user interface is also provided as part of the Windows 64 bit version of the product.

To use the PDF2IMG interface for .NET follow these steps:

  1. Create an instance of the PDF2IMG class.
  2. Load your input PDF or XPS document, to be converted to an image file or series of image files.
  3. Select the image conversion options you need.
  4. Convert each page of the input document to an image file.
  5. Dispose of the object.

The public methods provided with the PDF2IMG .NET interface include:

  • CheckForMissingAppearances()
  • ConvertPageToImage()
  • ConvertAllPagesToTIFFImage()
  • GetPageBoxWithWhiteSpaceRemoved
  • LoadInput()
  • SetImageConversionOptions()

For more detail see the description of the API calls for the .NET interface.