PDF Alchemist

Getting Started

PDF Alchemist is supported on

  • Linux (64 bit only)
  • Mac OS X (64 bit only)
  • Windows (32 and 64 bit)

The download for PDF Alchemist is packaged in a different file format depending on the platform that it is for. On Linux it is a compressed TAR file (.tgz), on Mac OS X it is a ZIP file, and on Windows, it is a self-extracting ZIP file. The download package is mostly the same across all platforms. We describe below what you will find in the download package, as well as the parts that are specific to each platform that PDF Alchemist is supported on.

Components of PDF Alchemist

When you unpack the download (Linux/Mac OS X) or run the self-extracting ZIP file (Windows), PDF Alchemist will by default be placed in either:

  • a new directory named PDFAlchemist in your current working directory (Linux/Mac OS X)
  • C:\Datalogics\PDFAlchemist (Windows)

PDF Alchemist Library

This is used by the PDF Alchemist Command Line Utility or when you are building an application that uses the API that PDF Alchemist provides for converting PDF documents to HTML or EPUB.


libPDFAlchemist.so, a shared library containing the logic for processing PDF files.

Mac OS X

libPDFAlchemist.dylib, a dynamic link library containing the logic for processing PDF files.


PDFAlchemist.dll can be found at the root level of the extracted download. PDFAlchemist.dll is required for use with the PDFAlchemist Command Line Utility or when you want to dynamically link PDFAlchemist with your application instead of statically linking PDFAlchemist.

PDF Alchemist Command Line Utility

Command line program for PDF to HTML file conversion. This depends on the PDF Alchemist Library.


This folder holds a file needed to integrate the PDF Alchemist SDK into your own application. The file is a header called PDFAlchemist.h and it declares the PDF Alchemist “C” language API.

PDFAlchemist.h,The header file that declares the PDF Alchemist “C” language API.

Windows Static Library

In the Windows download, you will also find PDFAlchemist.lib in the SDK directory. Use PDFAlchemist.lib when linking your application with PDF Alchemist if you do not want to dynamically load PDFAlchemist.dll


Folder containing cmap data files. These files are used for font mapping–Unicode characters to PDF Chinese/Japanese/Korean (CJK) characters. These are needed to properly process PDF documents that do not include embedded Unicode conversion settings but that do contain CJK language characters.

Windows-specific components

vcredist_x86.exe (32‐bit only) vcredist_x64.exe (64‐bit only), Installer with required 32 or 64-bit runtime files. Please run the appropriate installer for your platform before running PDF Alchemist.

Note: Please make sure that you install the Visual Studio 2013 C++ runtime support files. If you don’t you may see an error message about a missing DLL file called MSVCP120.dll.

Additional Linux dependencies

In order to run PDF Alchemist, the following dependencies are needed. These versions are tested and are known to work with the product.

dependency description
libpng15.so.15 PNG library
libz.so.1 Assembly embedding library
libxml2.so.2 XML library
libpthread.so.0 Pthread library
libGL.so.1 OpenGL library
libGLU.so.1 OpenGL utility library
libstdc++.so.6 GNU standard C++ library
libm.so.6 AMD math library
libgcc_s.so.1 GNU Compiler Collection library
libc.so.6 Standard C library

Working with an evaluation of PDF Alchemist

If you have an evaluation copy of PDF Alchemist, you should have received an evaluation license from your Datalogics support contact, a file named eval.lic. If not, please contact us for an evaluation license at support@datalogics.com.

You may copy this file to the working directory when running your evaluation of PDF Alchemist. Alternately, you may place this in a directory and set the environment variable RLM_LICENSE to the path that the eval.lic license file has been placed.

For example, on Windows:

set RLM_LICENSE=C:\pathto\eval.lic
On Linux:
export RLM_LICENSE=/path/to/eval.lic
If PDF Alchemist cannot find this file in the current working directory, or if your evaluation license has expired, PDF Alchemist will not process any input PDF files.