PDF Checker

Reporting an issue as an error or warning

PDF Checker will evaluate a PDF document for each setting included in you JSON profile and generate a record for each result. If you were to export your results to a text file, part of the report might look like this:

Fonts Results
        Uses fonts not embedded in document: 
            Arial (1 instance)
            Arial,Bold (1 instance)
            CourierStd (1 instance)
            Meiryo (1 instance)
            Murdana (3 instances)
            TimesNewRoman (1 instance)
            TimesNewRoman,Italic (1 instance)

Note the options in the JSON Profile to report as error, and the error message:

    "fonts": {
        "uses-fonts-not-embedded": {
            "check": "on",
            "report-as-error": "on",
            "report-message": "Uses fonts not embedded in document",
            "abort-remaining-checks": "off"

You can use these settings to flag a result specifically as an error in the output results. Set “report-as-error” to “on” and the result will appear under the heading “Errors” in the export file, as shown above. You can also edit the message that appears by changing the value for “report-message.” You could change the error message from this:

            "report-as-error": "on",
            "report-message": "Uses fonts not embedded in document",

To this:

            "report-as-error": "on",
            "report-message": "These fonts are not found in this PDF document",