PDF Forms Flattener

Error Codes

1001 Syntax error.  You started PDF Forms Flattener but left out the name of your input PDF document, or the output document, or otherwise made an error in your command syntax.
1002 The input PDF document was not found.
1003 The system could not create output PDF document.  Verify that you have write permissions to the folder, that the file is not already open, and that the output file path name is valid.
1004 PDF Forms Flattener dependencies were not properly loaded.  Your installation may be corrupt.  Please reinstall the product.
1005 There was an error importing the data file, it may be corrupt.
1006 The input PDF document uses XFA but an attempt was made to import an AcroForm data file.
1007 The input PDF document uses an AcroForm but an attempt was made to import an XFA data file.
1008 The Flatten as Printed option only applies to XFA documents, please specify an XFA document.