PDF Java Toolkit

Datalogics PDF Java Toolkit 4.7.0

Datalogics PDF Java Toolkit 4.7.0 is made up of
  • PDF Java Toolkit Core 2.11.0
  • Talkeetna 3.2.0
PDF Java Toolkit 2.11.0 release notes
  • Generating appearances with the AppearanceService now supports generating barcodes with XFDF data for the PDF417 symbology
  • Internal improvements to the PMMService to speed up inserting pages into a PDF
  • Added a ‘runFormatScripts’ method to the FormFieldManager class that executes the formatting scripts for an AcroForm and returns the formatted data as a java.util.Map
Talkeetna 3.2.0 release notes
  • Element (and its subclasses) now have a constructor that takes a Style object