PDF Java Toolkit

Datalogics PDF Java Toolkit 8.1.0

Datalogics PDF Java Toolkit 8.1.0 is made up of

  • PDF Java Toolkit Core 4.1.0
  • Talkeetna 6.0.4
  • RELite 3.0.2
PDF Java Toolkit Core 4.1.0 release notes

PDF Java Toolkit now requires Java 7 or later.

Datalogics merged in changes Adobe Systems provided for PDF Java Toolkit through May of 2016.

Datalogics also started support for the draft version of PDF 2.0 by adding the following packages:

These additional classes were also added:

Errors corrected:

  • When executing calculate scripts, the event.value is not set into the field itself until after the script completes and only if event.rc is true.
  • Format scripts now more reliably receive the field value as a string, even if the value could have been parsed as a number.
  • Fixed an internal library configuration problem where certain Charset operations would fail on Mac OS X/macOS.
  • Fixed a problem where, when rasterized, rotated text sometimes had the glyphs at an incorrect orientation
  • Fixed a problem in rasterization where the stroke width of paths could be incorrect if the transformation matrix specified a rotation.
  • Fixed a problem where mixing simple and composite fonts in the same page caused an exception during conversion to PDF/A2.