PDF Java Toolkit

Datalogics PDF Java Toolkit 8.10.1

Datalogics PDF Java Toolkit 8.10.1 is made up of

  • PDF Java Toolkit Core 4.10.0
  • Talkeetna 6.0.17
  • RELite 3.0.13
PDF Java Toolkit Core 4.10.0 release notes
  • ContentTextItem now has a unicodes property, which contains the Unicode characters of the text.
  • If an embeddable version of a Base 14 font is supplied in the PDFFontSet (for instance, if the client supplies a real version of Helvetica or Times), then it will be used for embedding and subsetting that base 14 font. The metrics will be taken from the internal version of the Base 14 font for consistency, but the subsetted glyphs will come from the supplied font.
  • XFDFService now accepts XFDF files that have attributes on the field element that are not listed in the specification. Such attributes are ignored and allow PDF Java Toolkit to import a wider selection of XFDF files.
  • Document-level JavaScript scripts are only run during formatting if a field actually has a format script when generating the appearances for a form field.
  • When reporting unsupported JavaScript APIs, the original exception now states what function, on which class, is unsupported.
  • Fix a bug where word breaks are not found in some cases for subsetted fonts that do not contain a space character.
  • Added PDFDocument,removeMetadata(). This function will take the existing metadata on a document and reset the metadata as if the document was just created. It is recommended to follow-up this call with a full save to prevent forensic discovery.

Talkeetna 6.0.17 and RELite 3.0.13 have been updated to use PDF Java Toolkit Core 4.10.0