PDF Java Toolkit

Datalogics PDF Java Toolkit 8.3.0

Datalogics PDF Java Toolkit 8.3.0 is made up of

  • PDF Java Toolkit Core 4.3.0
  • Talkeetna 6.0.6
  • RELite 3.0.5
PDF Java Toolkit Core 4.3.0 release notes
  • Added the ability to execute JavaScript when importing data into forms using the FDFService or the XFDFService
  • Improved rasterization of PDFs
    • Rendering of pages with a large number of image XObjects is now considerably faster, due to improved caching of color conversions
Talkeetna 6.0.6 and RELite 3.0.5 have been updated to use PDF Java Toolkit Core 4.3.0