PDF Java Toolkit

Datalogics PDF Java Toolkit 8.5.0

Datalogics PDF Java Toolkit 8.5.0 is made up of

  • PDF Java Toolkit Core 4.5.0
  • Talkeetna 6.0.8
  • RELite 3.0.7
PDF Java Toolkit Core 4.5.0 release notes
  • Calculation scripts are now run automatically when importing data with the FDFService or the XFDFService
  • PDFAuditor no longer causes a NullPointerException for a page that has no contents
  • Appearances for the standard set of stamp annotations described in section of the ISO 32000 specification are now automatically generated by calling AppearanceService.generateAppearance()
  • PDFCIDFontWidths now works correctly if the font came from a MacOS resource file
  • PDFFontListener#disableFontOperations now sends a FLUSH_FONTS message to all DocumentListener objects so that they know that the fonts are being flushed out
  • Pages that contain main axial shadings render faster now
  • When rendering, conversions from complicated color spaces to RGB may be faster now
  • CosObject#getDirtyCount() now returns the number of times that a CosObject has been modified; this can be used to test the validity of associated cached data
Talkeetna 6.0.8 and RELite 3.0.7 have been updated to use PDF Java Toolkit Core 4.5.0