PDF Java Toolkit

Datalogics PDF Java Toolkit 6.1.1

Datalogics PDF Java Toolkit now includes a new set of sample programs to replace the original samples provided with the product. The samples originally provided with Talkeetna have been folded into these new samples.

Datalogics PDF Java Toolkit 6.1.1 is made up of

  • PDF Java Toolkit Core 3.0.2
  • Talkeetna 5.0.0
PDF Java Toolkit Core 3.0.2 release notes
  • The RedactionService applyRedaction method now throws a PDFUnsupportedFeatureException when attempting to redact a dynamic XFA document.
  • PDF content streams containing an unusually long numeric object no longer cause an ArrayIndexOutOfBounds exception.
  • When resources are included multiple times they will now be properly removed when freeing duplicate resources.
  • The ReadingOrderTextExtractor, LayoutModeTextExtractor, and TextExtractor newInstance methods now throw a PDFUnsupportedFeatureException when attempting to use with a dynamic XFA document.
  • PDFAnnotationRedaction.setInteriorColor(double, double, double) is now deprecated and has been replaced with versions more consistent with similar methods in PDF Java Toolkit.
  • An exception will now be thrown when trying to rasterize a shell XFA file.
  • Fixed ParseOps.skipWhitespace() to return a single space rather than the last character of the stream.
  • Added ASRectangle.swapDims() to switch height and width dimensions of a given ASRectangle.
  • A more meaningful exception will be thrown for garbled color spaces in content streams.
  • An exception will now be thrown when there is a problem extracting text, rather than silently losing text.
  • Exclude org.apache.commons.collections4.iterators from OSGi imports.
  • The Core PDF Java Toolkit is now OSGI compliant. The pdfjt.jar file provided with the software installation package is now an OSGI bundle.
  • The impl classes and packages were added to the JavDocs API Reference content.
  • The pdfjt-support jar was replaced by Maven dependencies. Some of the contents for pdfjt-support.jar were added to the pdfjt jar.
  • Improved ability to generate PDF/A-1b output files with the product. The new PDFAConversionOptionsFactory class has a method that returns a PDFAConversionOptions object that conforms to the PDF/A-1b standard. Also, the software now provides a PDF/A1-b conversion handler with default document conversion and validation processing settings. You no longer need to provide your own handler when converting a PDF document to PDF/A-1b.
  • ARGBImage#ConvertToRGB() will now throw a more descriptive exception when it can’t properly read the colorspace data of an image.
  • The NeedAppearances key is removed from the form only once.
  • Signature field will display the user name from the signatureOptions’ user info if it is set.
  • Throw PDFUnsupportedFeatureException when trying to rasterize a dynamic XFA rather than silently generating blank output.
  • Throw PDFUnsupportedFeatureException when trying to flatten Dynamic XFA instead of a generic error message in the output PDF.
  • Fixed an issue where PDFPage#nextPage would skip by two pages at a time.
  • Removed PDF user documentation files from installation package.
  • When creating a new instance of a PDFFontDescriptor, instead of estimating the ascent and descent lines based on the font’s bounding box, those values are now drawn from the font’s FontData.
  • A DCTDecode output filter has been added to the product. PDF Java Toolkit can now be used to save images with the Discrete Cosine Transform compression format, used for rendering photographs as JPG images.
  • Resampled images with DeviceCMYK color space are no longer inverted after resampling.
Talkeetna 5.0.0 release notes
  • Talkeetna now has its own license managed version.
  • Added saveLinearAndClose() methods to DocumentHelper.