PDF Java Toolkit

Datalogics PDF Java Toolkit 6.3.1

RELite is now packaged as part of the customer deliverable rather than being a separate deliverable. The evaluation certificate for RELite is no longer shipped as part of the customer deliverable. The documentation directs the user to where they can get the certificate from.

Datalogics PDF Java Toolkit 6.3.1 is made up of

  • PDF Java Toolkit Core 3.3.1
  • Talkeetna 5.0.4
  • RELite 2.0
PDF Java Toolkit Core 3.3.1 release notes
  • Export com.adobe.agl.*, com.adobe.fontengine.*, com.adobe.internal.*, and com.adobe.xfa.* in the OSGi package
  • An exception will now be thrown when trying to convert to PDF/A a document that contains transparencies
  • PDFDocument.hasTransparency() can be used to detect transparencies in documents
  • CosDocument can now retrieve the linearization dictionary with getLinearizationDictionary()
  • Better descriptions were given for DocumentListener, DocumentListenerProperties, DocumentListenerRegistery, DocumentMessage, and DocumentMessage.MessageType.
  • Improved documentation for PDFXObject, LicenseManager, and PDFPageTreeNode.
Talkeetna 5.0.4 release notes
  • Improved package overview for com.datalogics.pdf.text. Package overview includes an illustrated guide to explain how the objects in the package relate to one another.
  • Added documentation for Div.getDivs() method.
RELite 2.0 release notes
  • Fix bug with License-managed RELite that reported input file was not found when no license was present.
  • Update interactive prompting to use System.out for console message clarification.