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Working with the Security Framework

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What is the Security Framework?

The purpose of the security framework is to provide an environment for the implementation of the security-related PDF features specified in the ISO 32000 Reference. Security of a PDF document is achieved by encrypting the content of that document.

The Security Framework serves as the base for another PDF Java Toolkit component—Security Support, implemented in the security package. General users should not use the security framework directly. Instead, they should use facilities provided by the security package.

Sophisticated clients can use Security Framework directly if Security Support facilities do not provide all needed features. Sophisticated clients who wish to develop additional security-related features for the use with PDF Java Toolkit must base their development on the Security Framework for seamless integration with PDF Java Toolkit.

Security Support

Security support is implemented in the security package, and it includes the following features:

  • Password-based and Certificate based targeted encryption
  • 40 and 128 bit encryption keys
  • RC4 and AES encryption methods
  • Ability to extend supported encryption technologies
  • Ability to include or exclude XMP in the encryption/decryption process
  • Ability to encrypt file attachments only

The PDF Java Toolkit model for the Security Framework takes into account the existing Java Cryptography services and the implementation of the encryption in PDF versions.