PDF Optimizer

Error Codes

1001 Syntax error.  You started PDF Optimizer but left out the name of your input PDF document, or the export document, or the profile, or otherwise made an error in your command syntax.
1002 Profile not found. PDF Optimizer could not find the profile file you named in your command statement.  Check the file name or path for errors.
1003 Profile invalid. The JSON file you provided as the profile contains syntax errors.
1004 Invalid PDF document.  PDF Optimizer does not support PDF 2.0 documents.
1005 Invalid flag value. PDF Optimizer found an unexpected value in the settings in your JSON profile.  Key values, such as “medium” or “jpeg” as well as the word “on” must always be in quotes, while numeric values must not have quotes.  This format would generate an error:
"target-dpi": "350"
This is the correct format.
"target-dpi": 350
Or if you leave out quotes, as if you meant to include a numeric value, that will also generate an error, like this:
"discard-javascript-actions": on
This is the correct format.
"discard-javascript-actions": "on"
1006 Input PDF document was not found.
1007 System could not create output PDF document. Verify that you have write permissions to the folder, that the file is not already open, and that the output file path name is valid.
1008 Input PDF document is signed or has usage rights and cannot be processed.