PDF Optimizer

PDF/A Conversion

Optional. Enable this value by adding it to the profile and setting it equal to On. This setting directs PDF Optimizer to save an optimized PDF document so that it is compliant with the PDF/A-1b format. Other settings in this category allow you to control to conversion process.

enabled Enables conversion of the optimized PDF document to the PDF/A-1b format. Defaults to OFF.
pdfa-1b-target-color-space Select the target color space to use when converting the colors in the PDF document when converting it to PDF/A.
rgb red green blue
cmyk cyan magenta yellow black
Rasterize-if-errors-encountered Defaults to OFF. When set to OFF, if the system finds errors when saving the optimized PDF document as PDF/A compliant, PDF Optimizer ends the conversion to PDF/A and displays error message.

When set to ON, if PDF Optimizer finds errors when converting a PDF document, it will rasterize the page with the problem into a graphic image and continue to save the document as a PDF/A document.