PDF Optimizer

User Data

Optional. Enable any of these values by adding it to the profile and setting it equal to ON.

discard-comments-forms-multimedia Removes interactive elements from the PDF document. These can include annotations, such as pop-up notes, comments, and highlights, as well as interactive Acrobat form fields and embedded multimedia. Besides removing the interactive elements, this option also removes the visual content associated with these elements.
discard-document-information-and-metadata Removes document descriptions and metadata
discard-file-attachments Removes files attached to the document
discard-private-data Removes piece data relevant to the application that created the file. Some applications, like Adobe Illustrator, add their own unique values to a PDF document when generating that document.  These values are useful to the original software product if the PDF is opened and edited in that product again.  But these values can also be removed.