Datalogics PDF Private REST APIs

Datalogics PDF Private REST APIs AMI Setup Guide with Scaling and EFS

Setting up EFS for EC2

Follow the steps below to set up EFS for an EC2 instance.

  1. Create Application Load Balancer.
  2. Copy the Public DNS of the load balancer. It will be used in the steps to follow.
  3. Create instance from desired AMI by following the steps in the AMI Setup guide.
  4. Create Security Groups.
  5. Create an EFS Server.
  6. Mount EFS to EC2.
  7. Modify the /etc/fstab configuration file.
  8. Modify the permissions on the public directory:
chown centos:centos -R /opt/datalogics/public

Creating infrastructure for scaling and load balancing

Complete the steps below so that the EC2 instances created thereafter will be connected and configured to EFS:

  1. Create a new AMI Snapshot from the EC2 dashboard.
  2. Create a new launch template.
  3. Create a new target group.
  4. Create a new auto scaling group.
  5. Add a load balancer to your auto scaling group.
  6. Create new listener rules.
  7. Create new HTTPS listener rules.
  8. Create security group rules.