The PDF2PRINT software product is a stand-alone command line utility for Windows 64 systems. You can use it to send PDF documents to the printer of your choice, either manually from a command prompt, or as part of a batch file.

Note: When you first purchase PDF2PRINT, you will receive an activation key, and you will be prompted to enter this key when you install the software. In response the system generates a license file for you (pdf2print.lic) and stores it in the software installation directory.

When your evaluation period ends, and you later receive a new activation key for PDF2PRINT, you will need to enter it as you did your original activation key when you first installed the product. You will be prompted to enter the activation key. Type or paste the key value as you did before. The system will update the license file for you, and you can continue to use the product.

Note that if you don’t enter the activation key value when you first install the product, or enter it incorrectly, you will be prompted to enter the value again the next time you run PDF2PRINT.

What you get when you buy PDF2PRINT

  • A command line utility for printing PDF documents, manually or using a batch file
  • The capacity to select the printer you want and to apply a variety of options, including printing two sided and multiple copies, selecting a range of pages to print, page orientation, and others.
  • Print a document or set of documents repeatedly, using the printer and set of print options you define, by adding your custom settings to a print profile file. After you have created and saved a JSON configuration file, you can reuse it as many times as you like for the same result, and you can create as many custom profile files as you need.
  • Comprehensive user documentation, provided as a PDF file and online at our Developer Resource site.
  • Full technical support from qualified representatives at Datalogics.
  • Software updates to enhance the product and to respond to issues identified by our customers.