Adding a Splash Screen to eBooks

You can set up READynamic to display a splash screen to readers every time a READynamic eBook opens. The splash screen can feature any graphic message you like, such as your logo. It remains visible on the screen as the eBook file loads.
To manage how splash screens work in your environment, edit the configuration file server_configuration_overrides.yml.

This configuration file has three settings related to splash screens:

     enabled: false
     splash_url: ""
     splash_delay: 0 # in seconds


By default, the splash screen feature is turned off (false). Set the “enabled” option to “true” to turn the feature on. You can enable or disable the splash screen feature in your READynamic environment whenever you like and as often as you like by changing this setting in the configuration file.


Enter the URL for the web page that hosts the splash screen graphics file. Your organization must provide the URL and own and manage the content stored at and downloaded from that web address. You have control over the splash screen that appears and can change it by replacing the graphic file.

After the splash screen feature is turned on in READynamic, it will work for users displaying eBooks in browser windows and on iOS and Android mobile devices.
You can change the graphic that appears on your splash screen as often as you like, and the change is applied within a few minutes. In the meantime, the previous splash screen image continues to appear whenever a student opens an eBook. Host the graphics files used for the splash screen on a local server directory. Using a hosting service like Imgur may conflict with READynamic's ability to display the image.

If you want to replace the splash screen that appears, simply create a new graphics file and copy it to the URL you provided, overwriting the original splash screen file.

For your splash screen image use a JPG or PNG file that is 1 MB or less, with a height of 500 pixels and a width of 300 to 800 pixels.


Enter a time value, in seconds, to define how long the splash image remains on the screen when a user opens an eBook.

For example, if you want the splash image to linger for 10 seconds for a user, regardless of how long it takes for an eBook to load and display, you would enter this value in the configuration file:

splash_delay: 10

Enter a positive integer. Any other character will be disregarded. The value defaults to 0 (zero seconds), meaning that the splash image will disappear as soon as the eBook finishes loading.

Note that large eBooks may take longer to load than the amount of delay time you define for the splash screen to disappear.


When you finish entering the splash screen settings in the sever_configuration_overrides.yml file, the splash screen section of the file might look something like this:

    enabled: true
    splash_url: ""
    splash_delay: 10 # in seconds