Encryption technology and Digital Rights Management (DRM) features in READynamic

If your institution has created online content to sell, or paid for work from authors to distribute, you want to make sure that the authors are paid for the content you offer online. You don’t want hackers getting around your copyright protections, or see customers or clients figuring out how to share these eBooks for free, with their friends, or maybe even selling them to someone else.

Datalogics offers a strong encryption protection with READynamic. But many vendors provide Digital Rights Management (DRM) utilities as a means to provide copyright protection for digital content. DRM technology is an industry standard that is designed to protect electronic content, such as eBooks, from unauthorized distribution. But for customers who want a true DRM utility, Datalogics offers READynamic with URMS, which includes the Sony DADC User Rights Management Solution (URMS).

URMS is a simple API-based user and digital content management solution that supports pay per download or subscription services. It is designed for educational institutions, businesses, libraries, and eBook retail outlets. You can use URMS to share, lend, and buy eBooks, give books to others, and create a bookshelf with titles to share with others. You can also use URMS to control access to eBook content, though URMS is a flexible service. You can do more than simply renew or revoke licenses for eBooks for users. The service offers a wide range of choices for managing content.

You might work in an environment where you don’t need to provide Digital Rights Management for your READynamic content. Perhaps you are using READynamic to manage internal training materials for your business. Your HR or Training department creates these materials; you have no plan to sell or distribute the eBooks outside of your company, and you don’t use any other content from other sources that is copyrighted or otherwise restricted. In this case, you can probably do without URMS. Also, eBooks with content that is in the public domain, such as novels from the early 20th century or earlier, where the copyright has expired, do not need to be encrypted. These titles can be distributed freely.

Note that READynamic with URMS currently only supports EPUB files on mobile devices. If you want to encrypt an eBook document using URMS, the eBook must be an EPUB file. If you are also working with PDF files, or want your users to be able to open EPUB files in browser windows on desktops, URMS does not apply. READynamic can, however, convert a PDF document into an EPUB file and then apply URMS encryption to that converted file. Note that any eBooks you seek to encrypt with URMS technology must be encrypted as you add them to your READynamic environment.  You can’t add DRM protection to existing titles in an eBook library.

The READynamic software itself works the same whether you use the standard version or READynamic with URMS. You won’t notice any differences between READynamic and READynamic with URMS, and users who download eBooks also won’t notice a difference. But eBooks distributed using READynamics with URMS enabled can be professionally encrypted.

If you purchase READynamic with URMS, we will edit a server configuration for you to turn on the URMS function. You will never need to change the URMS settings in this file, nor should you attempt to do so.

But you can edit


to make other custom changes to your environment. See Server Settings in READynamic.