Processing eBook Files in READynamic Using Sony DADC URMS

Content providers who seek to upload PDF or EPUB eBook files into READynamic to distribute to students or business users can apply User Rights Management Service (URMS) encryption protection from Sony DADC to these documents.

For READynamic version 3.2 or later, URMS can be enabled in the server configuration when READynamic is installed. The system can be set to default to applying URMS encryption to eBooks, or default to not applying encryption. If your environment is set up to default to applying URMS protection to any eBook that is uploaded to the system, it can also be configured so that a user would be able to turn this feature off for an individual eBook. In that case, the user would be able to upload an eBook and not have it encrypted using URMS. The opposite also applies. Your environment could be configured to default to not apply URMS protection to an eBook when it is uploaded, and configured to allow a user to override this setting and process an eBook so that it is encrypted using URMS when added to the system.

A PDF document, if offered as an eBook for use in READynamic, will be converted into a different format when uploaded to READynamic whether or not URMS protection is applied to that title. If you are applying URMS encryption to a PDF document, READynamic will convert the PDF file to a fixed-layout EPUB file first. This is necessary if the eBook is to be encrypted. The images embedded in the original PDF document will be rasterized as JPEG image files.

If you are not applying URMS encryption to the PDF document, you can choose from one of two options.  READynamic can either convert the PDF document to a fixed layout EPUB file, or export the content from the PDF pages into a series of bitmap files, and the system will then assemble these files into a package that will work like an EPUB file on a web browser or mobile device.