Frequently Asked Questions

What sort of interactive elements can I add to an ePub or PDF document in READynamic?

You can add graphic images, diagrams, animations, audio and video files, tests and quizzes, footnotes, and comments. These elements can be embedded in the source document, such as in an enhanced ePub file, or they can be added to the document using the interactive editor provided with READynamic.

What kinds of files does READynamic support?

We support PDF, EPUB 2, and EPUB 3 files.

What are the source data formats of interactive elements?

Any video or audio source format can be added to an ePUB or PDF document using READynamic. Note that the reading device may not support playback. You may want to link to an existing YouTube video if you are concerned about the video playing on the device. If you need a video or an audio recording to be available when offline, you need to embed it in the file. In that event use the most common video and audio formats that are supported on iOS, Android, MacOS and Windows platforms.

Does READynamic support MathType fonts and formulas?

READynamic supports MathType fonts that are legally installed on your computer. The software does not support MathType formulas embedded in PDF files, but it does support MathML in ePUB files.

What types of quizzes are supported?

With READynamic you can create multiple choice questions with one or more answers, true or false questions, and short answer questions.

You can specify the number of times a student can attempt a quiz. You can restrict accesses to quizzes by date and time. And you can specify the amount of time a student has to complete a quiz. By default:

  • The student may take an unlimited number of attempts to complete the quiz
  • The quiz is always available
  • The student has an unlimited amount of time to complete the quiz

What devices and platforms does READynamic support?

We support all major devices, browsers and mobile platforms, including iOS, Android, Windows, and Chrome.

Is there an offline version?

Our application works offline after a user downloads an eBook to his or her device. But any changes a user adds to an eBook file will not be reflected in the same document on the user's other devices until the user links his or her offline device with the local READynamic server.

Is it possible to sell interactive textbooks through our stores?

It is very easy to integrate ATB with any online store, or you can use a fully functional online store that we provide.

Is it possible to add our company’s logo?

Absolutely! You can customize both server and readers, as much as you want.