Applying your custom brand to READynamic


Make the READynamic Browser experience your own by applying your custom brand to the software. You can apply your own corporate colors and graphics to the software pages, as well as text, web page addresses, links, and more.

You can complete the process yourself. You can update your product brand whenever you need or want to, and working independently of Datalogics, by editing the settings in a series of configuration files provided with the software, and copying your graphics (PNG) files to a folder within the READynamic software installation.

Or you can ask Datalogics to customize the software for you by sending Datalogics Support your preferred color scheme, image files, and text.  We will update the READynamic browser experience to reflect your organization’s brand and style. To do this you need to complete the provided PDF form, save it, and return it to us.

We describe both processes in this section.