Branding the READynamic browser yourself


Make the READynamic Browser experience your own by applying your custom brand to the software. The process is quick and easy, you can update your product brand whenever you need or want to, and you can work independently from Datalogics. We describe here how to apply your own text, colors, web page addresses, links, and more by editing the settings in a series of YML configuration files provided with the software. The YML file is a text file that you can open and edit in the Windows Notepad or the Mac Text Editor.

The most important, server_configuration_overrides.yml, is found in the config_overrides directory of the READynamic build structure.

You can also replace specific logos and icons in READynamic with your own corporate images. Simply create your own graphic files and copy them to a folder in the product installation package.

You will need to restart the READynamic server to apply your changes. But you can create a series of changes to colors, graphics, and text, and then restart the server to apply these updates together.

If you would prefer, Datalogics can take care of branding READynamic for you. Simply send your Datalogics representative the changes you want to make to the product, and your graphics files, and our Datalogics Support team will handle the rest. When you install the product, you will see your custom brand already in place. Click here to learn more.

You can also contact Datalogics Support at with any questions.