Overwrite Default Company Name and Product Name in READynamic Electronic Mail Messages

READynamic can be configured to automatically send electronic mail to readers to communicate with them in response to specific situations, such as to let a user know when a password has been reset.

The automated messages include:

  • A new user account is confirmed
  • User account removed
  • A contact is assigned to a group, or class
  • A user has been granted access to a new eBook
  • The lending period for an eBook is about to expire
  • Welcome message for new users. This welcome message is sent when a user signs up for READynamic himself or herself.
  • Account initialized. This is a welcome message sent out if a new user is added to READynamic by an administrator, or automatically.
  • The effort to process an eBook file failed. This message is sent when a user tries to upload an eBook into READynamic, and the effort is not successful.
  • Invite a new user to sign up to READynamic
  • Reset a user account password

Steps for editing

Edit these email messages to include the name of your organization and your product name, by editing a pair of settings in the server_configuration_overrides.yml file.

  1. At the beginning of this YML file, look for a section called “customized_footer.” You should see the company_name field:

company_name: "Datalogics"

  1. Enter your company or organization name here.
  2. Look for the product name after the “customized_footer” section:

product_name: "READynamic"

  1. Enter your own product name in this field, to replace "READynamic."
  2. Restart the READynamic server.

Note that the values entered for the "customized_footer" parameters in this section of the server_configuration_overrides.yml file also appear on the bottom of the Login Page, and in the copyright statement on the bottom of the Portal Page. If your organization does not use the Login Page, you can disregard the rest of these fields, except for those under company_info.

See Overwrite Default READynamic Web Addresses for Hyperlinks.