Overwrite Default READynamic Colors

You can replace six colors that appear in READynamic, identified below, by following these instructions. The colors you provide overwrite default READynamic colors.

Color Options

We describe each of the colors that you can edit below. You can change them by editing settings in the server_configuration_overrides.yml file. Note that we list the colors in the order that they appear in this YML configuration file.

Main Color (color_ui_highlight)

For the Portal, the Main Color is the primary color for objects on the page, such as the Information icon icon.

For the Reader Page, this is the color of highlighted text in an eBook, a selected option on the highlight menu, and a selected icon, such as the pointer.

Highlight text

Menu Color (color_toolbar)

This is the color of the side toolbar that appears on both the Portal and Reader Pages.

Highlight text   Highlight text

Top Bar Color (color_top_bar)

The color of the bar across the top of the Portal Pages.

Top bar color

Menu Inactive Color (color_inactive)

The color for icons on the side tool bar of the Portal and Reader Pages that are not selected. This color is also used for text on the list of options that appears when text is highlighted in the Reader Page.

Color of inactive icons Color of text

Menu Hover Color (color_hover)

This color appears when a user points the cursor at an icon on the side tool bar, but does not select it.

Color of inactive icons

Notification/User Name Color (color_nav_highlight)

This color applies to the user name and the bell icon (notifications), appearing in the upper right corner of the Portal Pages.
Color of icon when hovering with cursor

Steps for creating custom colors

Navigate to the server_configuration_overrides.yml file.

  1. Identify the color codes in the “#set UI theme” values:
     color_ui_highlight: "#1699d1"
     color_toolbar: "#404e58"
     color_top_bar: "#333"
     color_inactive: "#aaaaaa"
     color_hover: "#ffffff"
     color_nav_highlight: "#ffffff"
  1. Enter the hexadecimal code for each color.
  2. Restart the READynamic server.