Overwrite Default READynamic Graphics

You can replace graphics that appear in READynamic, identified in the table below, by following these instructions. The graphic files you provide overwrite default READynamic graphics files.

  # Graphic Default Page Size, pixels Image name
  1 Corporate logo Datalogics logo Login Page 650x100 DTL-logo.png
  2 READynamic logo READynamic logo Portal Page, top banner 650x100 atb-color-logo@2x.png
  3 Favicon Favicon Portal and Reader Pages, browser tab 16x16 favicon.ico
  4 Favicon Favicon Login Page, browser tab 48x48 favicon.png
  5 Toolbar icon Toolbar icon Reader Page 177x177 reading_view_logo.png

Steps for replacing the graphics files

  1. In the READynamic software installation package, create a new folder called:


Place this new folder in the same level of the READynamic build structure where the /config_overrides folder is also found.

READynamic software build structure

  1. Create a set of graphics files to replace the default READynamic files described above and then copy them to the new /assets_overrides folder. Make sure that you name the graphics files to match the names of the files in the table above.
  2. Open the docker-compose.yml file, found in the docker folder in the root directory. You will see a set of lines with the graphics file names listed, as shown above. These lines will be commented out in the file (sample below):
#- './assets_overrides/reading_view_logo.png:/home/app/public/assets/themes/datalogics/
#- './assets_overrides/atb-color-logo@2x.png:/home/app/public/assets/themes/datalogics/
#- './assets_overrides/favicon.ico:/home/app/public/favicon.ico'
#- './assets_overrides/favicon.png:/home/app/public/assets/atb_portal/icons/favicon.png'
#- './assets_overrides/DTL-logo.png:/home/app/public/assets/atb_portal/icons/DTL-logo.png'
  1. Edit these lines so that they are no longer commented out (sample below):
- './assets_overrides/reading_view_logo.png:/home/app/public/assets/themes/datalogics/
- './assets_overrides/atb-color-logo@2x.png:/home/app/public/assets/themes/datalogics/
- './assets_overrides/favicon.ico:/home/app/public/favicon.ico'
- './assets_overrides/favicon.png:/home/app/public/assets/atb_portal/icons/favicon.png'
- './assets_overrides/DTL-logo.png:/home/app/public/assets/atb_portal/icons/DTL-logo.png'
  1. Save the YML file and restart the READynamic server. The system imports these graphics images from the /assets_overrides folder.

For example, if READynamic finds a file called favicon.ico in your folder, it imports this as the favicon image into the browser tab of the Portal and Reader Pages. The READynamic software will use the new files you provide to overwrite the existing graphics files.

Note it is possible to provide your own names for the graphics files you use to custom brand READynamic, and for the name of the folder (/assets_overrides) where these graphics files are stored. Your Marketing Department might have established a standard set of colors for use with corporate communications, and a set of standard PNG files featuring the company logos and other images related to the company’s public presence.  These files appear everywhere on the company’s web pages, InDesign files used for generating letterhead and marketing materials, email messages, blog and Facebook pages, and the like. You want to be consistent in using the same files, and with the same names, wherever they appear, including with READynamic. We make that possible too.

See the optional section Steps for providing your own file names in the Appendix.