Overwrite Default READynamic Web Addresses for Hyperlinks

You can replace or remove many customer-facing links that appear in READynamic, identified in the table below, by following these instructions. The links you provide overwrite default READynamic links.

To apply your changes, you will need to restart the READynamic server.

 # Graphic Appears Target
 1 Blog image Login Page Web site for your local blog page
 2 Contact image Login Page Web site providing user contact information
 3 Twitter icon Login Page Organization's Twitter account
 4 Facebook icon Login Page Organization's Facebook page
 5 LinkedIn icon Login Page Organization's LinkedIn page
 6 Copyright statement Login Page copyright Organization's home page
 7 Copyright statement Portal Page copyright Organization's home page

Enable links

Edit the server_configuration_overrides.yml file to provide your own web page addresses for these links, or to turn them off. Notice the content that appears under "customized_footer."

Note that the values you enter for "company_info" apply to both places where the copyright information appears, the Login Page and the Portal Page.

In this example we provide the default values that appear in the file. You can replace these values with your own custom settings.

fb_url_enabled: true
fb_url_link: "https://www.facebook.com/pages/DatalogicsInc/332734440114957"
linkedin_url_enabled: true
linkedin_url_link: "https://www.linkedin.com/company/datalogics/"
twitter_url_enabled: true
twitter_url_link: "https://twitter.com/datalogicsinc"

  company_name: "Datalogics, Inc."
  company_url: "http://www.datalogics.com"
  item_1_text: "Blog"
  item_1_url: "http://blogs.datalogics.com"
  item_2_text: "Contact"
  item_2_url: http://www.datalogics.com/company/contact-us/

Disable links

It is also possible to remove the hyperlink from any of these options so that the link does not appear on the READynamic Login or Portal Page.

To disable the link for Twitter, Facebook, or Linked In, set the “enabled” value to “false.” The icon disappears from the Login Page after restarting the server.

twitter_url_enabled: false

To disable the Blog or Contact links, simply leave the text for the link blank, and leave out the web address.

Change this setting:

  item_1_text: "Blog"
  item_1_url: "http://blogs.datalogics.com"

To this: