Having Datalogics brand the READynamic browser for you


Make READynamic your own with colors and graphics that reflect your brand to your readers. You can send Datalogics your preferred color scheme and image files as described in this document, and we will update the READynamic browser experience to reflect your organization’s brand and style. For a detailed list of the material you need to provide to request branding support from the READynamic team at Datalogics, see the Requirements List.

If you prefer, you can complete the branding yourself by applying your own text, colors, web page addresses, links, and more by editing the settings in a series of configuration files. You can also copy your own graphics files into the READynamic folder structure to replace the graphics that appear in the software.

You can also contact Datalogics Support at tech_support@datalogics.com with any questions.

READynamic's Brandable Experiences

Login Page While many customers use their own unique Single Sign-On utility to deliver content to customers, if you choose to use it, you can brand the READynamic Login Page.
Portal Pages The Portal Pages in READynamic live between logging in and reading content. Content owners, such as administrators, instructors, and facilitators, use these pages to upload and manage content, add media files, view reports, and review individual and group access to content. Readers use Portal Pages to navigate to their accessible eBooks.

The Portal Pages are optional for readers, too. You may have your own custom interface that connects staff and students directly to uploaded content, or your organization may use an intermediary Learning Management System like Moodle, Canvas, or Blackboard to connect to content. If you choose to use them, you can brand the READynamic Portal Pages.

Reader Pages The Reader Page delivers the learning tools and navigation that make READynamic a social and interactive reading and learning experience.