Server Settings in READynamic

Standard Edits to the Server Configuration File

When you download and install READynamic using Docker, the installation package will include a configuration file called:

You should never touch this file.

Your installation also includes a separate configuration file:

The two files match exactly, but you can edit the "_overrides.yml" file to apply custom changes for your READynamic environment.

For example, you might want to provide electronic mail values in lines 125 to 131 that are relevant to your location, under “smtp_settings,” such as your server and port, domain, user account, and password. Or you might want to change the size restrictions found in lines 184 to 188, under “general_restrictions.”

NEVER change these sections of the server_configuration_overrides.yml file:

  • ID code number and API Key. Lines 150-152 list your store ID code number and your “store secret,” or API key, an encrypted character string that serves as a password to authenticate your store to the system.
  • Encryption. Lines 262-268 list Office Download values. The value for “offline_book_encryption” will be set to “atb” for the default level of encryption provided with the product, or to “none” if you don’t plan to encrypt your READynamic library at all.
  • Monitor server. The ATB monitor server checks the license for the READynamic software, to make sure that it is installed properly. You will see a section called “Credentials for the ATB monitor server,” in lines 97 to 102, and the settings include the application ID code, the application secret (password), and the host address. This will be unique for each customer and will be configured for you.