Editing the Server Configuration File for Encryption

To manage Digital Rights Management in your READynamic environment you can edit the server_configuration_overrides.yml file.

Open the YML file in the Windows Notepad or the Mac Text Editor. This is a simple text file, so editing the file should be easy. But note that the parameters are already provided in the text. You won’t be adding any new parameters, only changing the options provided.

Under the “offline downloads” heading the “offline_book_encryption” setting appears.  Three options are provided, “none,” “urms,” or “atb”:

offline_book_encryption: 'atb' # 'none' or 'atb' or 'urms'
none Encryption is turned off in your READynamic environment. When eBooks are uploaded into READynamic, they will not be encrypted. If you try to assign URMS encryption to an eBook, you will see an error message.
urms Disregard this option.
atb ATB refers to a native security tool provided with the software known as READynamic Encryption. This utility encrypts eBook files, and it is provided free with the software.