PDF Forms Flattener

Release Notes

PDF Forms Flattener 2.0.1

July 7, 2021

New Features:

  • FORMSFLAT-45 – Adds a new optional command line argument --asPrinted or -p, which will flatten an XFA document as if it was printed.

Problem Corrections:

  • SF#44011 – Corrects an issue which could result in an exception being raised when flattening an XFA document.
  • SF#44292 – Corrects an issue that could result in a duplicated text when flattening an XFA document with a shared text field using Rich Text intended to display content on different pages.

PDF Forms Flattener 1.0.0

May 4, 2020

Initial release of a simple command line application.

  • Flattens both XFA and AcroForm PDF form documents to standard PDF format
  • Optionally imports data into PDF form documents before flattening
  • Generates appearances for annotations in PDF documents